Cursive not as important as proponents say

Here is a brief comment on the trucker who was arrested in November, had his pistol stolen and had to pay a fine.

New York state does not give out concealed carry permits or temporary possession permits to non-residents. Anyone who brings a pistol or revolver into New York is automatically guilty of a crime.

Truckers or anyone else are foolish to tell anyone they have a firearm for protection. New York does not grant reciprocity to anyone. There are several states that are the same, with New Jersey being another.

In 2018, a young woman with a Pennsylvania carried a concealed firearm, was arrested in a border town and was going to prison for six years until a national outcry. Even in New York, as a concealed carry permit holder for more than 50 years, I am not allowed to carry a firearm in New York City. The original Sullivan Act was designed to allow the police to harass political opponents.

I also have a Utah concealed carry, which allows me to carry in 32 states. When the Republicans had control of the U.S. House of Representatives, they failed to enact national reciprocity. This is one reason they lost the House, and we have the tragedy we have now.

On Dec. 11, an incredible young woman was murdered in a New York City park. I will bet that the assailants were African-American and came from welfare families.

Most crimes and criminals, whether black, Hispanic, or white, are part of the welfare class. Until our country admits this great social failure, these horrible crimes will never end.

Bart S. Bonner


Johnson Newspapers 7.1

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Holmes -- the real one

Imagine Bart Bonner out in public, locked and loaded...

Now imagine Fwfighter....


Mr. Bonner clearly crossed a red line with his reprehensible comment about the likelihood of "African Americans on welfare". The Times should cease publishing his vicious and ignorant letters.


I have a pistol that I inherited when my father died in 1967. Sometimes I carry it on my person, sometimes in my vehicle. I don't have a carry and conceal permit and I don't even have a pistol permit and I don't give a hoot about Cuomo and his anti-2nd Amend agenda. I have been carrying it since 1967 with no problems. 2nd Amend superseeds Cuomo.

hermit thrush

are you saying you possess and carry your pistol in violation of nys law?


What do you grow with "superseeds" Giant pumpkins?


" I have been carrying it since 1967 with no problems. 2nd Amend superseeds Cuomo."..... Sooo, Fwfighter gets to interpret the constitution and decide what laws HE wants to follow or ignore.. Sounds like he's a candidate for POTUS... Good God..


The courts struck down parts of the SAFE act as unconstitutional but the rest has passed muster. You're just breaking the law.


Ogdensburg has five meth fires last April alone, 100% of them were started by white people. I would like to thank Bart for basically stating he wants a gun to shoot black people on welfare. Imagine saying you want Florida style gun laws in New York. Thank you Bart Bonner for your thesis linking racism, paranoia, low IQ and desire for guns.


Someone forgot to lock the door again.


Yup....someone let the Crazy Uncle out again...AND he's obviously out of his meds..


Yet he has a conceal and carry for in 32 states? That makes a pretty strong case for restriction.


It is crazy to point out that the North Country has serious problems, none of which have to do with anything with Mexicans or Black people. Just pointing out that Mr. Bonner's letter is Right-Wing-Talk-Radio bingo, you don't need to link the grievances to know that they link.

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