Canton town justice is seeking re-election

This email will serve as notification to the Watertown Daily Times (not daily anymore) that I will not renew my subscription.

I have been a customer since 1985 and can no longer continue in good faith my subscription to this paper.

I have several reasons for my decision:

n Delivery to my home in Theresa recently has been a hit or miss proposition.

I am sure I have nearly two weeks of extension on my subscription due to non-delivery of the paper.

Answers to my many complaints have included poor weather and illness for non-delivery.

I have also been told that the route my carrier has is so large that she cannot complete it in a timely manner, which means delivery to my home sometimes goes into late morning or afternoon.

I have been told that Johnson Newspaper Corp. will not consider my suggestion that another carrier be hired.

n Local television newscasts and national newscasts cover much of the news one or two days prior to the WDT.

Certainly no one can consider the WDT news as “current.”

n The entertainment section — i.e., comics — is pitiful. Many of the more preferred comic strips were dropped several months ago for, … ?

Cost cutting to keep the Johnson Newspaper Corp. profit margin up?

Obviously, the preferences of those who subscribe are of no value to WDT and JNC!

n The WDT has yet to rescind its endorsement of Elise Stefanik.

I wrote a letter on Dec. 21 (which was published) and another on Jan. 20 (which was not) demanding WDT rescind its endorsement because of her traitorous and seditious actions.

What has been WDT’s response?

Nothing. Zilch. Nada.

Obviously, the WDT supports her actions against the U.S. Constitution and her complicity in the attack on the U.S. Capitol.

So cancel my longtime subscription.

Publish this letter as a farewell and see if others agree.

Donald Breen


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For your consideration, Mr. Breen:

Jon Fuchi

WDT Be like “bye” lol no apologies given-mail

Comes when it comes and you are cool with that and understanding....and why we still even using paper, seems archaic....but I do agree with the endorsement thing, beside poor service (kinda petty) I think maybe the moment they endorsed her you should canceled.

She's back


Somehow I doubt the Writer of this letter will see the replies here, as if he misses the hard copy of the paper he could always check the news here. No computer or computer skills.?

When I was growing up in the 1960's every one of my older brothers and sister ( 3 of the 7 of us kids) delivered the news paper with our little red wagon, running up and down the flights of the apartment building stairs. I am not sure if you even had to be 16 at the time to do it. As a younger one I would sometimes help out. My Oldest brother ( I learned recently) had used his newspaper money to help with the cost of one sisters private Catholic high school costs.

Unforuntenately the neighborhood had started to become much more dangerous. Also I ended getting a scholarship to a Prep school that took up all my time on weekdays and weekends.

My point is wether a person young or old, should put their own lives in danger ( though snow or illness ) to bring a hard copy of the newspaper to a person who seems to mostly read the comic section? Especially as any person who buys the had copy is Supposed have free access able to the Online nny360 edition.

Yes this website is not the best but maybe They could make those like Donald Breen who seem more interested in the comics than local news happier and put some comics on the online edition? Just kidding.



I’m sorry to hear this person is canceling their subscription, so loudly. I suppose the feedback may help? In any case, local papers need and deserve support.

I’d like to see people get off the calls for WDT to rescind the Stefanik endorsement and the calls for her to resign.


Not enough people burn wood anymore. I remember well as a child and growing up we relied on the Watertown Times to get the wood stove going in the mornings. You never tossed a paper after reading, it went to a cardboard box that was like the First National Bank savings account. Local St. Lawrence county news was on the back page I enjoyed that growing up but we couldn't have kept warm in the winter without the Times. I have to add there was one incident that is hard to forget in fact I never will forget it. There was a prison break at Danemora (sic) or Clinton Correctional Facility and the escapees, I think 3 were captured very close to our home. I can remember the report in the Times and the names, Talerico, Reynolds and the 3rd name eludes me but today I will remember it. Keep your subscription you may need to start a fire and it burns really good.


The 3rd name supplied by the Watertown Times was Caskinette and they all were captured I believe there were gunshots. SLC Sheriff's Deputies were involved not even a mile from our house.


Wood smoke causes cancer.


That's too bad. We need local reporting and are lucky to have the Watertown Almost Daily Times, even if it does skew conservative. Most communities this size don't have an independent paper. If you want faster reporting try the online version. Which ironically, you already are if you read this. So, fellow internet denizens, keep it up.


After several requests to rescind their endorsement of Ms. Stefanik the WDT has not done that. So there's your answer. By default, then, the paper stands behind her, her beliefs, her actions and her skewed philosophy. So we all just need to accept that and choose our reaction(s) to that fact.


We've gone to the on line version as well...and recognize more and more components get cut.... I'd suggest the paper ask it's customers for feedback survey ..and react to same... simple things like the comics...quiz...crossword puzzle are a daily break from the political or Covid news... the discussion section was changed a year or so ago...less editing by user...


No doubt the change to the comments was a cost cutting measure as well. Disqus isn't free.


Skews conservative?

hermit thrush

the wdt is and always has been a right-of-center paper. but it's a kind of old-school, not-frothing-at-the-mouth conservatism, which some people have a hard time recognizing these days.


Hermit's correct...there's conservative values of Reagan..McCain..that the paper represents...then there's those that Trump pumps up at the rallies...spewing hateful comments...that inflamed in the Capitol mob...


it's a kind of old-school, not-frothing-at-the-mouth conservatism

To me, there are certain values that need to be shared in order to be considered conservative. I know you can attach a neo or paleo in front of it and alter it, but there are at least some core values that remain. I’m not convinced that anyone can honestly attach the Trump prefix to it. That seems a bridge too far. But, conservative has been a descriptor for a set of political beliefs since around the time of Oliver Cromwell, I believe.

Republican, to me, doesn’t come across the same way. Sure, if someone wants to say they’re a Trump Republican or a Romney Republican then fine. I don’t believe you can fit them all together under the same tent, tho.


Trumpism fulfills too many of the stereotypes of what liberals always accused conservatives of being.

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