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In the June 5 edition of the Watertown Daily Times, there was a brief article about the arraignments of three ex-police officers in the case of George Floyd.

Earl Gray, the attorney for Thomas Lane, came forward and told the judge that the cases against the three officers, who allegedly participated in the death by standing by and doing nothing, are weak. His question to the judge was, “What was he [Lane] supposed to do … go up to Mr. Chauvin, grab him and throw him off, George Floyd?”

The answer to that is yes. The only answer to that is yes.

Marianne B. Malatino


Johnson Newspapers 7.1

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Also, they could have called someone higher in the chain of command. In theory, in a functional organization with disciplined obedience extending ultimately to elected officials, and thus the people, rather than actually to the loose cannon, least common denominator, shadow government of the "union" gang. One of the officers, the Black one, had joined the force with high ideals and been corrupted in short order. When you put a good apple and a bad apple together the good apple doesn't turn the bad apple good. "Defund the police" is a poorly chosen slogan (we're supposed to shut up and support it because it was cooked up by marginalized people, whose opinions are supposed to matter more. But when only the marginalized have voices all voices will be marginalized. What "defund the police" really means is to do something like what Camden NJ did, replace broken forces with new ones built from scratch.

Holmes -- the real one

Absolutely on point, Marianne B. Malatino of Watertown !

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