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I suggest that on some afternoon you watch a segment of Congress in session, either the House or Senate. When an elected official stands to speak, it is more often than not from notes a staff member or lobbyist has prepared.

The official reads the statements prepared for them word for word, no emotion and many times no knowledge of what they are reading. Government is so involved in our lives, these people do not have the time to learn the facts or mean what they say.

Our president is a perfect example of this behavior, controlled by the party hacks and corporations. We listen as he proclaims goals that these corporations and hacks have set their hearts on, not for the betterment of the country but for themselves at our expense.

Take a moment and watch our elected representatives at “work” saving us from ourselves, something we can never do on our own. I think we can.

Mike Cannan

Port Leyden

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She's back

Perhaps after the last four years of mindless emotional yelling by Trump and his Trumpian wanna be's, it seems that you have forgotten how people actually communicate and work to make laws. Screaming ideas that you have just pulled out of "the air" is not effective communication.

Having information written down is important, so that you don't have to come up with made up numbers or "alternative facts>

I have watched plenty of congressional meetings, yeah some are boring. Who ever said law making should keep us on the edge of our seats? AND you have no idea who wrote the notes or speech so don't say you do.

The Bad ones are the ones where emotional hot heads ( yea I mean you Jim Jordan) , just yell and fake outrage so as to make it on the TV.

Tommy P

How do you know that they are reading "from notes a staff member or lobbyist has prepared"? Or that they have "many times no knowledge of what they are reading"? You must either have some inside knowledge no one else has or be a mind reader. Believe it or not, writing down one's ideas before speaking can help the speaker express him or her self more clearly, precisely and impactfully, benefitting the listener. Nothing wrong with that unless you think emotionally spouting things off the top of one's head makes for a constructive exchange of ideas.


Anti-establishment, know-nothingism is really serving the Republican Party well right now. But, I suppose if that’s all you’ve got.

Pat Luppens

They might pay more attention to issues if they didn't need to spend all their time on the phone raising campaign funds from corporations. There are two hard rules in politics: 1. Get elected and 2. Get re-elected. Anything else is incidental. We should all send a thank you note to Justice Roberts for the "Citizens United" decision thus eliminating any hope of actual representation in our government.

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