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Letter to the Editor

This Tuesday, I hope every registered Watertown voter gets to the polls for the primary.

While I am still trying to figure out which council candidates to support, my choice is clear for mayor.

I will be voting for Cliff Olney!

Cliff has proven he will work hard for us since he has never stopped working between elections to help this community.

If you want a strong mayor elect, a strong person!

Jeff Smith is the past and not the looking back on the good ole days type.

He continually cut public works, leaving our streets a mess, which he now says he can fix.

He wanted to spend $40,000 to a second sheet of ice study while the arena fell into disrepair, leaving us with a $12 million bill.

He turned down a $200,000 offer to build the dog park without the required council vote.

He went back on a “contract” to let us have land to build, since we did prove support and that we could finance, per our agreement.

Let’s not forget the roommate law!

Cody Horbacz is a disappointment.

For two cycles he ran on being a man of the people who would get things like the dog park done.

I recently exposed an email where the golf course developer does not want the dog park next to him as it will “derail his project.”


Last year, he told the council he wants to build townhouse in our historic Thompson Park.

Suddenly we could not have the location the city’s own 2007 report deemed the “ideal spot.”

This developer wants his sweetheart deal on leasing and dominion over adjoining park land.

Cody is selling a false narrative trying to put the blame on me.

For five years, he was 100 percent behind the “ideal location.”

Then after this email, he tried to shove it where noise would be a real issue.

He just stated at the mayoral debate it could now go there.

Don’t hold your breath as he told me that in private a month ago yet refuses to move a resolution forward to just get this done!

I do like Allison Crossman, but just feel Cliff has really earned his shot.

My hope is that they are the two who make it through the primary, so either way we will have a fresh new prospective at the helm.

Thanks for voting!

Scott “SG” Gates


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From looking at the sign count it looks like Horbacz and Smith. We may be surprised though.

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