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A conservative, a liberal and a fisherman walk into a bar. What’s the punchline? There isn’t one, this is not a joke. They were each on their way to an event to support Janet Otto-Cassada’s bid for St. Lawrence County clerk.

While this event never actually happened, it could have. Janet’s network of supporters is a unique blend of people that includes both some of the most conservative and some of the most liberal people I know. Talk about unity!

What is it about Janet that has people on the left, the right and in the middle eager to vote her this November? Perhaps it is the 20-plus year’s she has spent as a member of the Civil Service Employees Association working for the sheriff’s office and then the Department of Motor Vehicles.

If it’s not the more than two decades of experience working for the county, maybe then it is her impressive 12-year run as mayor of Waddington. While the past decade has undoubtedly been tough for St. Lawrence County and many of its communities, Waddington has continued to thrive and grow thanks in large part to Janet’s leadership and foresight.

No, she is not “currently doing the job,” but that does not mean she is not the right person for the job. No one will work harder for the people of St. Lawrence County and no one has a more impressive resume.

When you head to the polls on Nov. 5, I urge you to cast your ballot for Janet Otto-Cassada for St. Lawrence County clerk, not because of your party affiliation or her’s, but because she is the best person for the job.

Benny Fairchild


The writer is a Waddington village trustee.

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