Infrastructure bill will benefit entire nation

The town of Pamelia is a town of more than 3,000 people, constantly growing and bringing new and exciting technologies and business to our doors, such as Loves Truck Stop, solar power farms and improved infrastructure.

The town supervisor and board we have now have been working for the last six years in a positive direction, bringing the future to us. They have been working hard with outside entities to improve our future and to correct inappropriate financial decisions of the past administrations (as per the state comptroller’s audit of 2014-2015).

It is a shame that town’s people do not attend the monthly meetings to see the success and the corrections from the past made. This is “Our Town,” we should take pride in something that is so precious to us.

It must be precious, otherwise why do we live here? We should never take for granted that which can so easily be taken from us.

So I ask if you won’t come to a Town Board meeting, would you at least come out to vote for those who control your town in the future? Do you want the old problems from the past or do you want to keep growing and moving in a successful direction?

Estella Hart


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