We have subscribed to this newspaper for 30 years. While we found the editorial positions more conservative than ours, we appreciated the local news and the chance to support local journalism.

However, your continued participation in the advancement of Elise Stefanik’s political career forces us to cancel our subscription. She lied in her opportunistic vote against certification of the Pennsylvania ballots. She refuses to condemn the former president’s incitement of a mob that engaged in an insurrection, killed a police officer, contributed to four other deaths and threatened the democratic functioning of our government.

We expect the press to expose dishonesty. You are promoting it.

Judith DeGroat and Larry Boyette


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Charlie McGrath

This paper loves to print hate for the republicans but when someone writes something negative about the hate it's not printed. Truth doesn't matter to the haters and this paper supports the vitriol against republicans and doesn't accept a different point of view. Just keep printing hate and division. It is working. Not one remark here is anything but hate for the right.

hermit thrush

is there anything more pathetic than this kind of whiny aggrievement you routinely see from the republican base? your comment got published, charlie mcgrath. the wdt prints the letters it receives. write a letter yourself if you're unhappy with the balance of letters that come in. and please quit taking basic disagreement for "hate for the right." sorry but you're not that special.


*one-word answer*

I should proofread before hitting Post.


One thing I would like to request is that some local news organization ask our representative, and stipulate a one-word to each question: Who won the presidential election last November? Secondly, was it a free and fair election?

She slid by this by congratulating Biden and Harris on being sworn in. I want to hear her say who won and that it was not “stolen.” It’s going to come up assuming she runs for re-election, but I wouldn’t mind seeing her asked before then.


I’m sorry to see people on the left or right cancel their subscription because the paper doesn’t strictly adhere to the opinion the want to see. As the letter evidences, WDT seems to welcome letters to the editor allowing the expression of opinion even to the extent of the urging of cancellation of your support.

At least they didn’t bring up the idea of rescinding the endorsement.


So Judith and Larry choose the Times for a gotcha as John McElroy seals the envelope containing 50 dollars to renew his E-edition subscription. Even Steven for now. Judith and Larry what happened to at least 2 republican senators who voted to convict Donald Trump in the senate trial? That's correct they were censured in their state legislatures. Congresswoman Stefanik does a lot for her district and is aware what disloyalty to political party could do. The Times is a business and most businesses lean republican for republicans lower taxes and favor smaller government. You got Joe Biden let us see what gets better in the greatest nation on earth.


what happened to at least 2 republican senators who voted to convict Donald Trump in the senate trial? That's correct they were censured in their state legislatures.

Sadly, you see those censures as a positive. When Jimmy Carter and Hillary Clinton lost the Democratic Party moved on because that’s what political parties do after a standard bearer loses. The GOP has not moved on from Trump because they’re a cult. Disagree or not. If Trump runs in 2024 no Republican can even challenge him as things stand now. Nikki Haley has to be getting dizzy from her mild criticisms followed by apology. As of now, she wants to meet Trump in Mara Lago, but he won’t see her. She needs to grovel more. The point is that no criticism of him is allowed, so how would you debate him?

Things have already gotten better with Biden whether you agree or not. He has a 62% approval which is 20 points higher than Trump’s average. He never got close to 50 because all he cared about was appealing to his base, i.e. cult-building. Biden is competently doing the job of US president and I’m sure he’ll make mistakes. If he does, it’s pretty likely he’ll own up to them like a mature adult does. And the right will harp on them until the sun goes supernova because they’re immature.


The authors should read some of Gerry Moore's editorials... numerous articles by the WDT and letters to the editor.. .

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