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The nomination of Judge Merrick Garland to the U.S. Supreme Court was held up by Moscow Mitch McConnell for more than a year because he had no codified timeline in which he had to act.

Sneaky but legal!

Now the shoe is on the other foot. Nervous Nancy Pelosi is not so nervous.

She has no codified time limit in which she has to deliver the impeachment charges to the U.S. Senate, which has promised the equivalent of a rigged trial.

For one thing, she doesn’t want to take her own Senate candidates away from their campaign season for the upcoming elections.

For another reason, following the Moscow Mitch move he pulled on Judge Garland, she knows she may have a more agreeable Senate in less than a year with which to pursue the trial part of the impeachment process.

She has this thing planned from both ends, and the orange president looks more and more like a roast pig.

His face looks awfully flushed and crazy lately.

North Korea’s Kim Jong-un won’t meet with Trump any more, and some U.S. military leaders believe he is a security risk. Does he fell the heat?

Perhaps he should start ordering the material for the Moscow Trump Tower now.

Pelosi said that she doesn’t want to see him impeached; she wants to see him imprisoned.

Remember Helsinki!

Edward L. Barlow


Johnson Newspapers 7.1

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Charlie McGrath

Democrats have got to do something. No one is above the law! Except 20 million illegals. The stock market, pension funds, retirement plans invested in evil corporations have too much money. We have to get those balances down to normal levels. Unemployment is low for every victim class because there are too many jobs. Government dependence is declining. Taxes went down for everyone, yes everyone. Democrats need to solve these serious problems because Trump will continue to let them happen. I don't know if we can take another 4 years of this economy.

hermit thrush

the trump tax bill threw peanuts at normal people while giving huge windfalls to the economic royalists. amazing to see how easily some people are bought off.


Zero chance POTUS will be impeached... the process started with zero chance...and will end with same.. it's basic math...the rest is blather..

Farmer Liz

Gracie02, he has already been impeached. While it is unlikely he will be removed, impeachment will stain his presidency forever.


Unlikely?? More like Zero chance... if staining his presidency is the goal... then I guess that was met..and how do you stain this guy more than he already is.. . if getting him out of office is the goal....frankly this had little affect... The Dem's focus needs to be on a candidate that'll get swing voters, in swing states... lacking that, we're in for another 4 years of Trump... and the impeachment will be a back page in history...

hermit thrush

if democrats in congress don't do something to stand up to trump's crimes then the crimes are going to continue.

Farmer Liz

It is astounding to me that this administration continuously disregards subpoenas, breaking the law in doing so, with no consequences. Ms. Pelosi wants to ensure that witnesses are going to appear. She wants a trial that does not have people like Mitch McConnell and Lindsey Graham, among many others, cooperating with the White House at the expense of justice. Never have I seen such hypocrisy among our "leaders" as I have with the current Republican Party. If 45 is innocent, he should be encouraging his minions to follow the law and be truthful.

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