Cursive not as important as proponents say

Tell us why!

My friends and I want to know why the car dealers who advertise for their cars and make the crazy commercials for their company don’t act seriously. They dress like clowns, prance, talk loud and only tell the price.

Open the doors and show us the inside and the new gadgets and mileage to draw the buyers in. Now they have sportscasters.

Why don’t they dress like businessmen who want to make the buyers happy? The TV station is making big bucks.

Donald Barnell

Cape Vincent

Johnson Newspapers 7.1

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Holmes -- the real one

OK Donald Barnell, here's the skinny on the car salesman issue:

They are making these kinds of commercials because they have found that a segment of our society responds positively to just that kind of thing.

Show them a clown prancing about, talking loud and telling lies and their hearts "literally melt."

It's better if they don't actually pay any attention at all to what's inside.


HMMM... That describes Trump also

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