Like Trump, Stefanik offers empty words

This is a post my daughter wrote on the exceptional service provided Nov. 27. It is heartwarming, and this man needs to be recognized. Thanks, Matt. Exceptional excellence:

“Huge shout out to the pharmacist at the Central Square Walgreens who truly went above and beyond and asked if I needed help even though the pharmacy had closed a half hour before I arrived. He literally stayed 2½hours past his closing time, read through all the discharge paperwork and called the hospital, the Kinney Drugs in Malone, the Kinney Drugs in Liverpool, etc. and managed to get me every single medication Dad needed tonight and figured out all his insurance, since the local Kinney’s closed at 6 p.m. and didn’t have the antibiotics in stock.

“He also made sure I knew exactly what Dad needed and what the timing was and checked every single possible contradiction for each medication so we were sure there would be no complications. Seriously, this guy deserved a medal. And the front cashier did a cheerleader dance that it was all sorted out! I started bawling when I walked out the doors. So much kindness.”

Jill Vaughan


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Wonderful letter and example from a a person who's probably burned out at his job from the pandemic... incredible.. Kudo's're a Rock Star!

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