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Letter to the Editor

On behalf of the SUNY Canton Public Relations Department, I would like to express heartfelt gratitude to the staff of the St. Lawrence Plaindealer for providing local news and community support for the past 163 years.

Under the direction of Paul Mitchell during his 30-year career, the Plaindealer has always known and served its target audience. We have been fortunate here at SUNY Canton to have access to this esteemed publication for news and sports. Mr. Mitchell emphatically believes in the college’s success as an extension of the community he serves.

The Plaindealer is intertwined with the history of SUNY Canton. In fact, an original photo of Gov. Nelson Rockefeller breaking ground at its current location was staged for the newspaper. Had that photo not run, the university system’s oldest technology college may have been moved out of Canton.

Mr. Mitchell retrieved the original negatives from the newspaper’s archives for the college’s use in our After Canton Alumni Magazine, corresponding with our 50 years on the hill celebration. He also worked with us to run a five-part weekly series about the college’s move from St. Lawrence University to its current location next to the Martin Tract in September 2017.

Mr. Mitchell’s numerous accomplishments and commitment to the community of Canton led the SUNY Canton College Council to name him the 2018 Distinguished Citizen, one of the top awards bestowed annually.

In addition to Mr. Mitchell, we’ve also had the tremendous fortune to work with Tom Graser, Abraham Kenmore, Bob Beckstead, Chris Brock, Sarah Nichols, W.T. Eckert, Sue Mende, Holly Boname and Chris Lenney in addition to numerous other new and seasoned professionals from the Johnson Newspaper Corp.

Realizing that the news industry is rapidly changing, we’d like to take this opportunity to recognize the value and importance of local news. Thank you to all of those who’ve placed an emphasis and dedicated their careers to delivering quality community-driven content. It is our sincerest hope that restructuring efforts will deliver the same quality news that the greater north country has depended on and lived by in a way that is both accessible and profitable.

Gregory E. Kie


The writer is senior media relations manager for SUNY Canton.

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