Unvaxxed nurses should leave profession

My name is Charles Lake. I am a 90-year-old Korean War veteran. I was the first wounded soldier from this Korean War to return to my community in Ogdensburg where I still reside. My recovery was long; I lost an eye, and I am lucky to be alive today. As soon as I could, I went back to work to support my family and my community.

I took an oath to the U.S. Constitution at 17 years of age in 1948. I was very proud to do my part to be patriotic and fight for what I believe in. I still feel this way today. This is the same oath that everyone takes when elected to a government office.

The leadership today must have forgotten this oath. The last five years of the actions and behaviors in politics have shown it. Most Democrats and many Republicans should be voted out of office. The Democrats are the worst that I have seen in my many years as an active voter. Nancy Pelosi, Charles Schumer and many others should go first. In the GOP, Mitch McConnell and several friends should be in the trenches for being the worst backstabbers that I have ever observed. That feeling of pride is turning into frustration.

In 1950, I saw the South Koreans kill off their own leaders because they were like this. In 2021, the Democrats have stolen the election and are now destroying our country. I have flown my flag for more than 50 years! I have recently taken it down and refuse to fly it while that fool, our president, is in office. I didn’t vote for him, so he isn’t my president.

I would like to return my Purple Heart and Bronze Star medals back to my country. In the past, especially on Veterans Day, I have been very proud to wear these. Lately with the state of our country, I just cannot say I am proud to wear them now.

The politicians are lying to themselves and to the American people. They are using the Constitution as they wish. The country is going down the wrong way. Our leaders should be building it up instead of tearing it down. The president is taking the country to hell. I am afraid the U.S. citizens after me will suffer. I fought too hard to be content with our situation. I have walked the walk, so I believe I can talk the talk.

I have had enough of this moron president and the people he appointed. They are going to destroy our country. It has already been turned upside down. It is a fact that he has not done anything in his 45 years before this, only taken his pay and his cut from China.

We have some great legislators left in the GOP who are trying hard to defend this country. We all have to stand up with them. Some of them include Elise Stefanik, Kevin McCarthy and Ted Cruz. I am trying to get you to see that they have the guts and stand behind their oath.

My thoughts may mean very little to you. I am a survivor of war and think if we are willing to leave our families and risk our lives, we should be supported. Thank you in advance for your time.

Charles Lake


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I see Mr. Lake is back to reiterating his long commitment in these pages to his #alternativefacts. That's his right.

Why the Editors of the WDTs continue to print his gribble-dabble lies a better question to ask, as opposed attempting to critique Mr. Lake's obviously erroneous logic & reality in a 4 dimensional metaphysical liner time line, we find ourselves residing. Quantum Physics' String Theory excluded, of course!

And while I salute Mr. Lake's service to our Country, many have served also, including myself, some even in a non-military role (see Peace Corps or the Fire Service).

Our service is no less important just because our political views stand in stark contrast to Mr. Lake's.

He will find himself on the losing side of history by taking down his flag (assuming 50 white stars in a blue field with 13 alternating red & white strips), as opposed to some of the Battle Flags of Northern Virginia, that seem so prevalent recently in NNY.

Lord knows when you think about the Confederate States of America, their collective history & heritage, you think NNY. Again String Theory raising it's ugly little head.

Future generations will not judge insurrectionists & seditious treasonable acts kindly when the chapters of MAGA finally recorded (see Elise Stefanik) & Mr. Lake's legacy will pass quickly as a 1 grain of sand contained on an immense beach.

She's back

There are 19 million veterans in the USA today, my spouse is also one with his three purple hearts. But that does not make their political opinions any more valid or correct. Your age group is also the prime age viewership for Fox news ( and its new imitators) , it shows.

Biden won because he got more votes. It had been widely known by many many polls that Trump would loose as he never polled even close to fifty percent popularity. STOP spreading the "Big Lie". of a stolen election. Trump tried to OPENLY steal votes in places like Georgia ("come on fellas you need to find me 11,000 votes").

In the opinion of many educated people Trump was the second worst president ever. He was worse than the guy who died after just a month in office.

You have already benefited A lot from the Biden agenda, what did you spend your stimulus check on? I actually hope that you live long enough to benefit from all the planned changes (change is good) to your Social Security , Medicare and Veterans benefits . Your Grandkids understand .


The writer is welcome to whatever opinion he wants to hold on whatever politician. The election was not stolen, tho. Also:

Elise Stefanik, Kevin McCarthy and Ted Cruz. I am trying to get you to see that they have the guts and stand behind their oath.

Stefanik went from being Trump-averse to being one of his most die-hard supporters. She knows the election wasn’t “stolen” yet she continues to wink at it. She won’t come out and say Biden won thereby enabling folks like the writer to believe conspiracy theories. McCarthy correctly put blame on Trump for the attack shortly after 1/6 and then went groveling to Mar a Lago to beg forgiveness. But, no one’s as spineless as Cruz. Trump called his wife ugly and said his father was involved in the JFK assassination and he continues to fawn on Trump. Yes, that’s a real group of profiles in courage.

hermit thrush

taking your flag down because you don't like the guy who won the election does not sound very patriotic.

Farmer Liz

While I appreciate your service to our country, your embracing of The Big Lie pretty much negated everything else you said in your letter. There is absolutely ZERO evidence that The Former Guy won a stolen election, so if you are still tooting that horn, it is drowning out the rest of your opinions which are not based in facts, and even those that are.


Thanks for your service and your sacrifice but you have reached some wrong conclusion with false facts. FACT #1. The Democracts did not steeal the election. President Biden received more than 7 million votes than the Inurrectionist leader Donald Trump and that helped result in an Electoral College elction where Biden received 309 electoral votes. Trump's denial of Biden's win and the January 6th fiasco he strried up are acts of treason. FACT #2. Presdient Biden and his policies to put money in the hands of the ordinary people of this country is not destroying the country, but instead building it up. He has taken real leadership in the Covid crisis whereas many Repuplicans have not been vaccinated. Which states have the highest number of Covid cases currently ? - Texas and Florida, both led by Republican Governors who flaunt Covid rules. I do agree with you in accessing Mitch McConnell. His actions denying Garalnd's Supreme Court nomination even a hearings were sickening and hypocritical.

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