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On June 6, 1944, U.S. forces joined with other countries to stand up to the tyranny of Germany’s dictator who squelched its dissenting citizens and forged the extermination of various religions and nationalities. We honored these heroes for fighting against oppression and injustice. Standing up for those principles is the patriotic reason why our military today pledges its allegiance to our country.

But now, the word “patriot” is being used in a different way. The right wing supremacy and neo-Nazi groups call themselves “patriots.” These vigilante militia are organizing and stockpiling weapons for a civil war against Americans who have a different skin color, language, religion or culture. These groups are some of President Donald Trump’s strongest supporters.

The president speaks of patriotism, but his actions don’t reflect an understanding of its true meaning. He justifies hatred toward “the other” by saying immigrants are ruining our country, football players shouldn’t take a knee to protest police brutality against black people and any media critical of him are the “enemy of the people.” Military war criminals have been pardoned, and active-duty troops were requested to quell protests even among fellow peaceful citizens.

I don’t believe these actions are indicative of being a patriot. Loving your country means loving the diversity at the root of who we are. Loving the flag means honoring its symbolism of a government that supports respect for differing viewpoints. Loving democracy means exercising rights while considering the well-being of others.

A staggering number of U.S. military personnel have died to promote democracy and diplomacy around the world. It’s shocking that our president betrays those sacrifices when he chooses to jeopardize ties with our allies by criticizing NATO, WHO, the United Nations and world leaders.

Now our country is expressing the frustration often felt by other nations when injustice is ignored. It’s our moment in history to recommit to the basic tenet that democracy works when all voices are heard. This will only happen when our president stops trying to show “dominance” over the protestors, which was the exact crime of the police officer who murdered George Floyd.

The collateral protest damage is unfortunate but not as unfortunate as loss of life. The president must stand with the peaceful majority in the fight for equal respect for all races and creeds. That is the true conviction of U.S. patriotism conveyed by our courageous troops throughout history.

Martha Hodges


Johnson Newspapers 7.1

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keyser soze

Excellent letter Martha Hodges.

Well, what else could go wrong?

The E.U. and the rest of the world are telling Americans they are not welcome because of our inept response to the pandemic and the persistence of high infection rates. I can’t blame them, I’d ban us too.

The incompetent leadership which entails not only the president but governors and business leaders, foolishly continue to place the economic opening above public safety. With friends like that who needs enemies?

Meanwhile, the abject Failure in Chief continues to hold rallies and super-spreading events that will ensure that not only his own staff, but his base and others will get sick as a result, possibly die, and certainly spread the disease further.

With leaders like this do you feel safe?

Lack of leadership continues to chip away at progress against systemic racism and mitigate the demonstrations and social unrest. Have you had enough of the social and financial disparities in this country yet?

Republicans continue their overt assault on mail-in voting assuring yet another super-spreader event on Election Day. How is it that a single party can decimate the rule of law and deny individuals their constitutional right to vote?

And lest we forget, the judicial branch of the federal government continues its duty to protect and defend the president of the United States.

But wait… wasn’t that supposed to be to protect and defend the constitution of the US?

I think I woke up to a new paradigm this morning.

What else could go wrong?

Apparently, a lot.

Holmes -- the real one

Trump's actions are the actions of a person who is unencumbered by a conscience or by empathy. His actions reflect his world view -- which is that of a universe with himself at the center, and himself as all that is significant in that universe. His actions are those of a racist.

This is who his supporters uphold. He tells them what they want to hear.

He is no patriot, nor are his supporters.

Trump is a traitor to all that our country stands for and those who continue to support him, having clearly seen what he does and who he really is, they too are traitors to all that America ever hoped to be.


Well said!

keyser soze




Farmer Liz

Well said!

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