Gen. Hoisington made Sackets Harbor proud

I have found many things about President Donald Trump that are not to my liking, but I find his intrusion into the issues of military conduct and administration of military justice to be particularly disturbing. As a veteran, I am aware of the Code of Conduct; it provides guidance regarding the behavior of service members.

There is a Uniform Code of Military Justice, which defines punishable offenses and the processes by which the military justice system determines punishment. President Trump has never served in the military. His behavior would suggest that as a pampered rich kid he was never expected to follow any particular rules of good behavior.

He is impulsive, egotistical and dishonest.

In short, he is not the man that I would want serving in my unit.

I therefore find it particularly offensive that this man has disregarded the rulings of a military court and the recommendations of his senior military commanders. This does nothing to strengthen our military or our country.

On the contrary, this undermines the authority of officers who have proudly served our country for decades. Shame on you, Mr. President, for intruding into issues that you clearly do not understand.

Robert Kimball


Johnson Newspapers 7.1

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I honestly thought Republicans couldn't possibly be bigger hypocrites than complaining about Obama's golfing, then electing a man who golfed more on one year than Obama golfed in 8. (Trump golfs at his own courses, costing taxpayers of $100 million in security costs thusfar)

I applaud Republicans for pushing the envelope and finding a new level of hypocrisy with Draft Dodger Trump pushing a war criminal back into the Navy against the Navy's wishes. We all know Trump hates American POW's (he said so himself) but FYI Trump voters: this is why people have lost a great deal of respect for you.


Cases in the military court system are appealed into the federal court system. Fort Campbell used to have all these little wooden buildings peppered here and there with signs declaring them "Circuit Courts." This was so that court martial cases could be appealed without having to leave post, or even travel far from the units they came from. But the sentences handed out by military courts often involve things under the control or influence of the chain of command, such as rank and character of discharge. And of course the commander in chief has broad pardoning powers that make a mockery of rule of law.

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