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I hope everyone is getting the education I’m getting from the lineup of aspiring U.S. presidents.

Let’s see ...

I have learned that some want to get guns out of the hands of honest people. That’s good because murderers and armed robbery practitioners use guns for fun and profit so they aren’t threats to politicians. Armed honest people, whether armed with clubs in the old days or machine guns today, have a tendency to revolt in the face of rogue governments.

At least one of these stalwarts tells us that if churches do not preach what he wants them to preach, he’ll tax them out of existence. That’s good because ideas cause conflict. The fewer ideas, the less conflict. Who can argue with that?

Perhaps the most interesting idea another fearless would-be leader has proposed is a wealth tax. If you have anything left after paying your income tax, the wealth warriors will come and get it.

Again, this is a good idea. As we all know, you get rich by providing jobs and you get richer by providing more jobs. The wealth tax would cause the “rich” to have to sell off some part of the industries that made them rich in order to pay the tax on the rest each year. Job losses and family upheavals would result each year. Who cares? One more step toward the golden dawn of socialism is a wonderful thing. Socialism is, as anyone who knows anything about politics knows, the shortest route to tyranny. Socialism means that this nation can follow in the well-worn path Hitler, Stalin, Chairman Mao and Venezuela as well as others have trod upon.

Keep those ideas coming!

William C. Lewis

Brasher Falls

Johnson Newspapers 7.1

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Oh, and I've heard of those other "bad guys:" Hitler, Stalin, and Chairman Mao. But who is this guy "Venezuela"? My first thought was that former Dodger pitcher, but his name was Valenzuela.


Hey Mr. Lewis:

Have you ever considered that among the "honest people" you mention, there may be perfectly honest nut-cases? And, as long as they remain honest, you trust them with guns?

And in your assertion that socialism "is the shortest route to tyranny," I hope you have served fair warning of this to the good people of Denmark, Sweden, and Norway (and Canada, for that matter), all of whom seemingly content with their more-or-less socialist systems.

hermit thrush

the paragraph in this letter about the wealth is uninformed nonsense to the point of insanity.

Holmes -- the real one

Such an interesting choice of headline. So, 'good'?

Does the editor want to make certain that NNY360 provides a little editorial influence over the possibility that anyone besides republicans might have a good idea?


This comment is laughable! Everyday there is a hit piece on trump, kavanaugh, stefanik, etc. Then, we get the good fortune of the few comments on here that are so anti-republican I have too wondered about the editorial staff and its monitoring of crazed hate and rage. I think nny360 is putting forth many different views and articles in its opinion section. That comment was a doozy.


The term “airball” perfectly characterizes this writer’s comments.


It's interesting...when I make comments that aren't favorable to the President or Republicans you are no where to be seen. Go crawl back under your rock.

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