Trump and supporters bear blame for crisis

We used to honor heroes for their military sacrifices or people committed to helping others while in service to the greater good. We used to have presidents who showed compassion and understanding, who took a personal interest in the everyday struggles of Americans. Now we honor money and those who have the most.

In President Donald Trump, we elected a businessman who ran his companies by looking at the bottom line and profit was the point, not people. We elected a businessman who gauges his success by dollars and justifies using a team of lawyers and accountants to escape the law and the tax man in pursuit of financial gain.

We elected a businessman who assumes absolute power as the boss of this country. He hands out White House jobs to his rich friends as “favors” and “glad hands” dictators as if he’s networking to make deals in his business circles.

We elected a TV reality actor: someone who loves attention, works audiences with showman style and lives protected from the masses in a rarefied bubble of wealth. People are used as props at his rallies while he performs on stage to increase his celebrity status.

This man operates on two goals: making money and convincing people to like him. But democracy isn’t the same as business, although many seem to think money is what makes America great.

What about “we, the people” who make America great? I miss having someone in the White House who values people as human beings, not solely as his adoring voter audience.

Martha Hodges


Johnson Newspapers 7.1

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NY Jack

I don't know where you've been, Martha, but you seem to be living in the pre-2017 years! President Trump's appointments have been primarily those with experience in the field. He hasn't accepted a single cent since he's been in office. His recognition of the common man & woman has been far more than recent presidents----from military, to private industry, to some who have been punished excessively , to those who have excelled in their lives of service to the public and to the U.S of A.. I don't know where you've been sleeping, but it's time you woke up, and perhaps stop letting the long list of good things President Trump has done become overshadowed by a media overcome with nastiness, exaggerations, misrepresentations, and quite often untruths---OH---and a number of Left Wing politicians who keep inventing phony crimes instead of doing what voters sent them to DC to do. Signed, DISGUSTED IN A DEEP STATE.

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