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Letter to the Editor

I’m a writer, professor, community/social activist and the associate director of Academic Advising & Scholarship Preparation in the Honors Program at Clarkson University.

I’m writing in support of Toni A. Kennedy’s (Democrat) re-election to the Potsdam Town Council.

I met Kennedy before her first election when she knocked on my door and asked for my support.

I was immediately impressed with her resolve, her inspired energy, her passion for environmental justice and the visions she shared with me of climate initiatives we could achieve in our local community.

In her time on the Potsdam Town Council, she’s already begun work to implement Climate Smart initiatives aiming to earn Potsdam a Climate Smart Community Award. Kennedy also has been appointed the Climate Smart coordinator for the town, mediating climate initiatives between Potsdam and the larger scale state program.

Her hope is to transition Potsdam to a net zero town by creating a solar community benefiting all residents.

Kennedy has been involved in collaborating with our Clarkson Honors Program to help implement the Climate Smart program in our local community.

“The goal of the project is to provide the framework, background, and roadmap … needed for both the village and town of Potsdam to become certified as a Climate Smart Community.”

Beyond serving the community through climate initiatives, her work with our program helps students gain appreciation for the power they have to impact their local communities and become active citizens.

Kennedy is excited to continue this work and “also create new programs for the Recreation Department.” She knows the taxes where we live are high, and she doesn’t want to see them increase.

Kennedy’s biggest strength is her inspired energy and vigor.

Kennedy has a full career ahead of her.

And at only 27, she connects with students and empowers a younger group to get involved in our community.

She believes youth participation is vital to create a local impact.

As a mother of three, a nurse at Canton-Potsdam Hospital and now a mover and shaker in our community, what matters most is she is authentically inspired to public service.

I hope she’ll have your vote in the upcoming primary on Tuesday so we can all begin to take action to serve our community, effect change, help one another and help our planet in the process.

Karyn Crispo


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