Congress must enforce Enoluments Clause

Loving your country is a good thing, but it seems to me that some of the most ostensibly patriotic people I see might be a bit two-faced. With U.S. flags placed on the front porch, the garage, the back windshield of the truck, they look the essence of patriotism.

Often you hear, “America, love it or leave it!” It seems, though, that some of these people have no qualms about trying to cheat on their taxes, or about paying someone under the table, or being paid under the table.

So they “love their country” but don’t have the slightest concern over breaking its laws. Has hyp-ocrisy replaced dem-ocracy?

If you really love your country, you follow its laws while you work to change what you don’t like. If the tax laws are overbearing, we need to do the one thing that Americans have done really well from before the beginning: squawk, complain, openly protest, argue, satirize, then suggest a better way.

A person isn’t protesting high taxes by working under the table and buying a new big-screen TV with what should have been income tax. They’re just cheating on their taxes.

Taxes are a pain. But if I don’t pay my fair share, somebody else has to pay more than their fair share.

That’s not right, or fair or in line with the principles this country was founded upon. I think tax cheaters shouldn’t hide behind our flag. It’s our country, and our new motto should be: “Stay here and work honestly to make it better.”

We are Americans; we should not be people who crush one another as we try to climb to “the top.” Let’s not let hypocrisy replace democracy.

Pat Biggs


Johnson Newspapers 7.1

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Hearty agreement with this letter. We all fail to obey the law sometimes, but some people make it a habit based on disbelief in duty to obey the law. This demonstrates disrespect for your fellow citizens who, ultimately, the law came from, and for the nation, state, or town where you are living or visiting. If you choose to resign your citizenship (leave it) you may break the law without it being immoral. And obeying the law is the minimum basis of moral behavior. Many people urge us to go be strictures that aren't mandatory. If something is wrong it should be illegal, and if it is illegal it should be wrong. Ideally they are one and the same, but we don't live in an ideal world. Nevertheless, some people live in the world as they wish it is, or act like they are citizens of some other make believe country. That said, the law is complex and sometimes it's not easy to know what it is. Some argue that just being intuitively moral will always steer you right, without your having to never make a move without consulting an expert, but since the world is imperfect that's just not true. We can't be expected to live life worried about breaking obscure laws nobody could reasonably be expected to know about, but we can be expected to not make law breaking a habit and to change our ways when we do learn better.


Government spending has increased under Trump. Trump spends more than Obama, only a fool wold think otherwise, just look at security costs for Trump's HUNDREDS of golf outings. Yet Republicans want to cut taxes while also wanting more government spending. I am surprised that the people who called themselves "The Family Values Party," then made Child Molester Dennis Hastert third in line to the presidency, would be such hypocrites.


This is not entirely true. The debt jumped in PERCENTAGE monstrously during the Obama administration. In Mr. Trumps first year it actually regressed (momentarily, Obama admin should get credit for the small regress) only to increase again. Now both had reasons...Mr. Obama spent a ton of money on a stimulus package (in my opinion maybe not enough!) and Trump's tax cuts certainly have moved the debt in an upward fashion. But looking at this factually from a debt to GDP ratio, it's not close. But hey...blame it on whatever you wish. Spending and debt aren't concerns for economic experts. Spending should be...but as long as the spending nets results, let's spend. Obama's stimulus package for the most part netted results (minus the billions in green energy investments that basically had zero return.)


George W Bush chose to invade Iraq (cost over one trillion, that is 1,000 billion) and cut taxes at the same time. Only a fool would think Republicans care about debt or deficit. But of course you are a Republican, debt and deficit are only issues when Democrats are in power.

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