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It has been more than five years since I wrote a letter to the editor espousing community support for the Frederic Remington Museum. I spoke to Director Laura Foster recently and suggested that it may be a good time to remind the people of the north county, once again, about the wonderful asset that we all have in Ogdensburg.

The year 2020 is one that has been filled with crises. Many have placed the subject of visual arts on the back burner. When my renewal came in the mail for my membership to the Frederic Remington in March, I did not think twice about getting a check right out in the mail to them. My wife and I have been long-term holders of the Dragoon Membership, which costs $125 per year. It is a membership called the North American Reciprocal, which not only gives the holder unlimited access to the Ogdensburg museum but free entrance to hundreds of other art institutions in the United States and many other countries. It has been one of the great investments that we discovered.

We have been to some of the finest art museums this country has, from Michigan to Ohio, to Arkansas and Texas. Many of the institutions have some hefty entrance fees that both my wife and I bypass. In addition, the museum gives a Dragoon holder wonderful gift certificates and many entrance passes to the Remington museum for your friends and family.

I encourage everyone to consider support for the wonderful work that is being done to advance the legacy of one of America’s finest painters and sculptors. We are truly fortunate to have this treasure in the north country. Laura Foster has done a wonderful job of leading this great cultural repository into the 21st century. We wish her much success and happiness in the coming years as she begins to look forward to her coming retirement.

Despite the novel coronavirus shutdown, organizations such as this must continue to protect their heritage with insurance and a climate controlled environment. These fixed expenses do not diminish. The museum is open for business, so I encourage everyone to look at their website and plan an outing soon. You will not be disappointed! Most of all, support the Frederic Remington Museum with the most robust membership that you can afford.

David Soderquist


Johnson Newspapers 7.1

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