Politics as usual is horrible for our country

I’m reading about a crackpot meeting between President Donald Trump; his discredited former security adviser, Gen. Michael Flynn; and the treason-spouting attorney Sidney Powell in which, I’m told, a nefarious scheme for declaring martial law in the election swing states to repeat the election was discussed, with Powell being declared as some type of national election fraud czar. Mark Meadows was apparently the adult in the room, and the whole thing devolved into a screaming match.

It doesn’t matter that this ridiculous tin foil hat nonsense would not be acquiesced to by a responsible military. It’s clear that this presidency is wantonly and dangerously desperate beyond any sense of normalcy or legality.

This goes well beyond what the American people deserve or should be asked to tolerate in a presidential administration. The American people and the other branches of government should not be asked to condone this foolishness, which borders on treason. This child of a president, after all, possesses the nuclear codes.

Trump is clearly anxious to entertain any means, however ugly, to subvert the lawful election. This is desperation borne of a man who clearly understands he may be headed for jail once his office ends.

The leaders of the other Western powers must be recoiling in terror at our instability. I’m sure that Vladimir Putin is totally delighted.

It’s time for government by tantrum to end. The clown cars need to leave their parking places outside the Oval Office.

Trump fatigue is turning into Trump derangement syndrome. Our president is clearly a sick and disturbed individual.

This administration has long been stripped of its dignity. It’s time to enact Article 25 of the U.S. Constitution and remove this sad and tragic excuse for a president before true damage is done.

Kevin Brennan


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Great letter, fellow Kevin! The Whiner in Chief is nearly off the hands of the American people in general. That sorry subset of Republicans are stuck tight for at least 4 years. Hope they enjoy the madness they bought.


I wouldn't lose any sleep over Trump's games, he feels he needs to repay what he perceives as torture of himself for the last 4 years. You fear Trump's last few days ok but there is a much bigger faction that fears Obama III and that I am wary of. The faction against Obama III might be something to worry about especially with crazy Trump still leading them. Check with "hermit thrush" he's got some good ideas.

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