This election is a tiny window of opportunity. Through this window you can see two futures.

One future has President Donald Trump in the White House ensuring a sound and solid economic recovery from the Chinese virus and leading us to safer streets. In this same future, U.S. Rep. Elise Stefanik is continuing to represent all of us in national policy through her committee posts and advocacy for our way of life (right to bear arms, right to worship, less regulation, lower taxes and a strong military). Elise will continue to actively advance this country forward toward law and order, economic opportunity for all and protection of our most sacred rights as described in the U.S. Constitution.

The other reality is unthinkable and dystopian. The new Joe Biden is in control for a little while. Far-left Kamala Harris feeds him his lines and stands ready to assume control when the leftist cabal deems it appropriate.

What will happen? The economy will shrink and there will be scarcity of goods and services. Our military will be weakened through defunding and more effort spent on diversity training than combat skills.

Our police effectiveness will wither, and our cities will be more dangerous. Our taxes will go up to make up for a shortfall.

You get the picture. This future will change the face of America.

You have a choice. You can make an input as to which future you see as desirable.

Vote Elise! Vote Trump! Vote the Republican ticket this year!

Robert D. Blank


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Mr. Blank is obviously OD-ing on Trump-flavor Kool-Aid. Please, somebody: throw this poor man a reality lifeline!


One future has President Donald Trump in the White House ensuring a sound and solid economic recovery from the Chinese virus

Okay, so it’s called COVID-19 but the Trump virus is also acceptable. Robert seems to be getting too much of his news from unreliable sources, i.e. rightwing fever swamps. Here in the real world COVID cases are once again rising. Though that may be due mostly to the large number of cases coming from the WH. Trump did such a bad job that he couldn’t even keep himself from getting it. The GOP in general seems to have become the Virus Party. Rand Paul previously had it and at least 3 other senators do now. Ralph Northam, Virginia gov, has it and one other Dem I’ve heard. By and large, it’s a Republican thing. Is the party officially a death cult or are they satisfied with just becoming ill to show support for Dear Leader? I can’t believe Stefanik hasn’t contracted it yet. Where is her loyalty?

hermit thrush

The other reality is unthinkable and dystopian.

the dystopia is here right now. who is president? who is the districts representative in congress?

hermit thrush



U must b on trumps steriods.


👍 They do cause some delusions.

Seriously though, and I can’t believe I’m saying this, Pence should be president now.


How did the country make it through 8 years of Obama Bob??


Which Biden was VP during those days? Joe the moderate or was it the Joe who will have Beto, Bernie, and Liz in his cabinet and Kammie waiting in the wings. This is very different Eagle.

hermit thrush

funny but when obama was in office all we heard from the right was that he was some kind of radical commie.

part of what made it extra funny at the time was that obama was suddenly contrasted with the moderate, centrist bill clinton, but when clinton was in office he was castigated as some kind of radical commie himself.

guess it's biden's turn now.


Sounds like you're acknowledging Trump's defeat and Biden's picked his cabinet .... that's at least some logic.... a VP...Biden or Pence don't make policies.. they attend funerals...and ceremonies.....


Very well. The economy grew and when there was a dangerous disease Obama managed to confront and overcome it without actually becoming infected himself.

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