Stefanik is saving us from left wing agenda

During the recent NATO summit, President Donald Trump made reference to Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau as “two-faced.”

That is possible. When Mr. Trump blamed the Canadians for burning the White House, Mr. Trudeau could have left diplomatic protocol and called the president an idiot — but he didn’t.

During a recent public appearance, Mr. Trump told the people of Colorado that he was building a “beautiful wall” at their border.

After Hurricane Dorian had devastated the Bahamas, Trump declared that several states were in harm’s way including Alabama — which was hundreds of miles away from its major impact. Thus, the magic Sharpie.

Congressional Republicans blindly pledge allegiance to a person who could not pass an eighth-grade social studies test. Judging by his limited vocabulary, an eight-grade English test might be a challenge. Does that make the average eight-grader smarter than a congressional Republican?

Congressional representatives are not paid to work for the president. They are elected to represent their constituents and to uphold the U.S. Constitution. To blindly turn their backs on the Constitution and follow any president’s wishes is a violation of their oath.

Before and after taking office, this person encouraged personal aggression and embraced personal insults and antagonism in public addresses and in tweets. His congressional followers seem to be OK with that.

This person has done everything he can to reverse prior pollution commitments and existing international commitments, making the United States unreliable in the eyes of the world.

U.S. Rep. Elise Stefanik seems to be supporting everything about the president. Does she believe that her district will welcome the return of acid rain as a result of the coal initiatives?

In the meantime, this person’s “unprecedented” tax cuts and reckless deficit spending have put us in a debt hole we probably won’t escape.

Why doesn’t she encourage Mr. Trump to buy Greenland? That should a be a revenue generator.

Mike Jolliff


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Understand the GOP obviously isn't going to stand up to POTUS...with 1-2 exceptions..they'll pay a price for that... Understand we live in NYS which will go Democratic in Nov... zero chance of going Republican... 2020 will be decided by swing states...swing voters.. so unless you're in Ohio - Florida - Maine - Michigan - Pa.....they'll decide in Nov... Point being, people blog on this site..Facebook..every day and it's not going to change anything nationally... if we lived in a swing state..different story..

hermit thrush

"it's not going to change anything nationally"

that's not entirely true. many people living in other states with ties to nny (e.g. retirees in warm-weather states) read the wdt. and lots of us have friends on facebook spread all over the place.


Hmmm...suggesting Florida - Ohio - etc voters would be influenced by a FB post, or WDT article?? ..... again, emphasis on swing versus party line voters.... along with the state of the economy, and the Democratic candidate.... the party line voters will vote their party regardless of the candidate..

hermit thrush

i think it's a big mistake to write off any forum. ideas can spread in very unpredictable ways.

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