Will schools cut taxes with so much closed?

Thank you for carrying the message of “Empty churches don’t diminish hope in Jesus” (April 10) by the Rev. Mahlon Smith, senior pastor of New Hope Baptist Church in Watertown.

It was accurate, timely and encouraging, and I thank the pastor and you for carrying it so well in your April 10 edition. Keep up the good work; we all need it right now.

The Rev. Bruce W. Chapman

Beaver Falls

Johnson Newspapers 7.1

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Where has Jesus been? He allows hundreds of thousands to be killed and yet people will say "Praise be to god " if a family member only went thru excruciating pain and lived. How long will it take for people to realize this is just superstitious nonsense.

Holmes -- the real one

Pete Seeger:

Words, words, words

In my old Bible

How much of truth remains?

If I only understood them,

While my lips pronounced them, Would not my life be changed?



We were put in an imperfect world in order to do the work of making it better, not to be served by our creator. However, Christians do have this notion that our main job is to purify our souls of independence, and that we will be rewarded for getting a gold star in passivity and not stealing cookies. We aren't children here to be patted on the head for being no trouble and keeping our shoes clean, we need to transcend that, to grow up and apply our full selves to pitching in. We need to get sweaty and muddy and we need to struggle to understand everything and we need to experiment and we need to dream big. Sitting still and being a good child is not what we were made for.

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