Train-spotting in Potsdam attracts attention

I always find it fascinating when folks base their opinions on fantasies. A writer demanded that the rich pay their fair share (“Real Americans agree to pay their fair share,” Aug. 30). Those folks also want the rich to pay for all their wildest desires, from Medicare for all, free college tuition, the Green New Deal — you name it, and the rich will pay.

There is just a small minor detail about the rich and who actually pays taxes. According to an Oct. 14, 2018, article in Bloomberg News, the top 1 percent of taxpayers paid 37.3 percent of all federal income taxes in 2016. The top 3 percent paid the majority of federal income taxes (51 percent). The top 50 percent paid 97 percent, while the lower 50 percent paid just 3 percent of all federal income taxes.

Think about that for just a little bit. Half of all American taxpayers pay almost nothing, yet these are the folks who receive virtually all the government benefits. Just who is getting screwed here.

The current generation, you know, the kids still living in their parents’ cellar — many of whom borrowed hundreds of billions of dollars to earn worthless college degrees — and are so excited about getting all this free stuff have absolutely no clue how our economy works. They want the government to confiscate all that wealth and give it to them. Unfortunately, those rich folks just happen to provide most of the jobs in this country, the top 3 percent all the rest. Don’t worry: Bernie, Elizabeth and all those other whackos will provide.

Just think about Medicare for All and what it really means: More government control of the medical system. Medicare and Medicaid dictate what they will pay to hospitals, doctors and other providers. These reimbursements are always way below the cost of providing these services.

So the hospitals and doctors simply raise the costs of these services and pass these costs on to the private insurers. This is the primary reason your insurance premiums are so high.

Now imagine if there was no private insurance. Everything was controlled by a bunch of bureaucrats in D.C., who would once again cut rates to everyone. How many hospitals would close, doctors quit, nurses walk away? But it will be free, free, free.

Just how many totally stupid people and their supporters are now running to be president in the Democratic Party. What if they win? Have a great day.

Bart S. Bonner


Johnson Newspapers 7.1

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The letter Bonner refers to was about people paying the taxes they legally owe instead of evading them. But the main problem with this letter is the notion that the rich are job creators. That's like saying the faucet is the water creator. Jobs are ultimately created by demand, which is created by consumer spending. Most consumer spending comes from the middle class simply because there are so many people in that category and they spend at a higher rate. The rich mostly use their money to keep and gain power and wealth (which is why they are rich), not so much on goods and services. As for Medicare being responsible for the cost of medical care that's pretty rich. We pay exorbitantly for medical care in the US, and it ain't because Medicare redistributes it, it's because somebody is getting rich off us. Or "creating jobs" as Bonner would say. A big bad "government takeover" might not make me cry too much for them, and it wouldn't hurt actually productive medical professionals or patients either. The medical system is structured to hide cost from us so all these supporters of the status quo think it's a free ride and manage to persuade the victims to go along by blaming the problem on the big bad left. When you can't see how much the insurance company is letting itself be gouged you don't care that so much of it isn't going to the doctors or nurses, it's going to the palatial architecture and army of paper pushers.


Good Morning; I'm from the government and I'm here to help.


Conservatives are the problem, not the solution. The consistently serve the interests of foxes trying to raid the hen house and frustrated by the pesky door. Those foxes will ultimately raid the nation into extinction. Some people use the word "government" as an epithet, and should try substituting "We the People" wherever they use the word "government." I'm not an expert on the medical system, but know that experts tend to be professionals with vested interests which dictate their actions unless they are truly heroic. However, this article and comments on it tell the tale of some aspects of the mess the medical system is in:

It seems We the People have demanded some regulation of the medical industry, but since a certain faction of the We the People insist private enterprise have a hand in everything, the implementation of these requirements was left in the hands of private companies. So I surmise that as loyal conservatives, these businesses made sure the whole thing became an elaborate practical joke to make a point. And medical people swallowed it hook line and sinker. In this proposed scenario, insurance companies and software designers conspired to burden medical workers with red tape and pointed to the evil We the People requirements that forced them to act as they did.


Bart apparently doesn't have a grasp on percentages!


If we did a wealth based tax system the wealthiest among us would pay even more. Given the trend toward ever growing income inequality this may be a more equitable method. As to Medicare for all the benefit to be gained is a dramatic reduction in administrative costs.


Does Bart know that college in New York was free for men his age? If you got above 85 on the Regents Exams you got the "Regent's Scholarship" that was about what tuition was. I wonder why he isn't complaining about the "free stuff" he got from the government? A perfect Baby Boomer! Socialism for me, none for thee!


Regents scholarships were based on SAT scores. They started giving out Regents scholarships at the top scores and went down until all distributed. I received one and it was $250 per semester which didn't cover the cost of books.


Bingo! I was going to write the same..


Oboy! Our monthly Brain-dead Bonner Broadside.

I imagine Bart is already hunting for another scrap of paper and stub pencil to start writing October’s.


I thought you intelligent liberals liked data.


We like research data. However rich people invest money in things that take jobs from people, like self-driving trucks. Only a fool believes the “Rich are job creators” nonsense. A strong middle class makes jobs. This letter is a slave thanking his masters for bread crusts.


And they invest money into things that create jobs. That's a pretty narrow minded response like the letter was very narrow. If we keep creating so many handouts there will be no middle class.


Let's go with your middle class argument for a moment. The rich are job creators by the way but that's a different discussion. Please tell me what folks like Obama, Cuomo, Harris, Sanders et. al. want to do to help the middle class. All these programs come with costs...who do you think they are going after? Say what you want about Trump, but, wages and jobs are up. And they aren't all minimum wage jobs. Here in NYS...our best are leaving in droves due to taxation and regulation. I am with you again on strengthening the middle class!! Yes! But which candidate has the plan to do it? I think you will struggle to find answers.


Bonner's been watching too much Fox News.. parroting every Democrat wants everything for free....and take away all your guns.. I'd focus more on getting POTUS to act more like a President..and he may just get re-elected... he needs to win swing voters.. that won't happen unless the cleans up his act..


Kind of lie the liberals watching too much of every other news source.


Think about that statement. “Every other News source” is lying. Except the one that supports our draft-dodger president who criticized Obama for golfing, then golfed more in his first year than Obama golfed in 8.


They are all horrible. Our press and the freedom of press is supposed to provide us with facts and has turned into entertainment where they choose which side of the aisle they want to represent and then take the facts and skew the news in that direction.


I am no bonner fan but the numbers he referred to at the beginning of his screed are there for the world to see. REgardless of his extreme angle, he is correct on that.

hermit thrush

a bart bonner, of all people, letter that opens with the line "I always find it fascinating when folks base their opinions on fantasies" really ought to come with a warning. a lot of people are going to be spitting coffee on their computers today.


You must be referring to all of the people who got Trump elected and are sick of the hand outs. Although his letter may be a little superficial, it's what Americans are thinking (except, of course, the progressives with their heads in the sand).

hermit thrush

i am referring to the fact that bart bonner bases a lot of his own opinions on lurid fantasies, but thank you for that nice bit of projection.


Are more people on Hand-Outs in Conservative Governeur or liberal Potsdam? Most Republicans are on Social Security or disability. Look at our area, the more conservative the town means more people on Welfare. Truth hurts.


This may qualify for the most ignorant comment I have ever seen on here. Are you really comparing a place that has a state university and a high end private university to a place that does not north of Syracuse...oh my...WOW!

Holmes -- the real one

Bart S. Bonner! Who would have guessed?

Did you know that rich people pay more for automobiles. It's true. Expensive vehicles cost more!


Correct, they add more to the economy than the people being paid by the government for no work. He sounds a ridiculous to you as you do to the far right.

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