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John Peach from Save the River sure made an asinine statement when he suggested closing the St. Lawrence Seaway to commercial traffic several days a month. These big ships are the only vessels that have obeyed the speed limit desired by Scott Gray.

I sit here with a foot of water still over my deck. His support of the International Joint Commission is very sad to river people. How can he and the IJC continue to blame the flooding on the rain last spring?

It is time for Save the River to assess its priorities. It has already lost my wife as a supporter.

James B. Tousant

Alexandria Bay

Johnson Newspapers 7.1

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Nailed it JT..... local resident as well... John's suggestion is beyond consideration and lacks an understanding of the scope of the Great Lakes/River system... It may read well within a few mile section of the river... One fifth of the fresh water OF THE WORLD flows through the Great Lakes system, and John wants that controlled so some docks aren't flooded... It's a fools errand and small minded...


Do you happen to live on the River? If so you obviously are not aware that the shipping industry is a big lobby in having the levels higher so they can extend the shipping season for 4-5 weeks longer in the fall and start the new year ahead by another 4-5 weeks early. This was granted in the 2014 Plan and is one of the reasons we have significant flooding in the past 2 out of 3 years.

The cost is not just the flooding of a few docks as you suggest but loss of business, reduction in property values, less tourism, etc. and the cost is not just in the millions but will be in the billions if not corrected this fall. The high water impacts thousands of businesses and home owners on Lake Ontario and the St Lawrence River in both the US and Canada.

I am no fan at all of John Peach and his organization as he seems to talk out of both sides of his mouth so I am not to sure of where they stand.

Stopping the shipping for 2 days each week will allow more water to be discharged though out the fall and save maybe save us more of this damage next year.

Plan 2014 has to be reviewed it just is not working.


Been on the river over 60 years Rambo....this time of year I'm on it daily....and the concept this was caused by Plan 2014 is a fools errand.... Tourist driven business, mainly June - August will need to adjust....many already have...docks are raised...make some nexus between Lake Superior - Michigan - flooding being over 35" higher than normal, breaking a record since 1986 and the 2014 Plan.... ZERO chance of stopping fact the flow has now been reduced... Next year, like this year, will be at the mercy of Mother nature, and climate change, not Plan 2014...

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