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Thanks to Scott Gray for being a guiding light to the people of Jefferson County through the entire novel coronavirus pandemic.

As chairman of the Jefferson County Board of Legislators, Scott had to deal with the state in getting coronavirus relief and also had to deal with a selfish, ignorant group of legislators hell bent on extending this pandemic as long as they can.

Recalling World War II, our Greatest Generation rallied our country with a common focus of doing what was needed for our country to survive the war. A group of at least nine legislators can be included in a group of people now referred to as the Un-Greatest Generation where they practice the America First philosophy (actually, Me First) where unless something directly affects themselves, they don’t care.

These legislators, led by Jeremiah Maxon, stay in their own little bubble, focus on their own agenda where they ignore a large chunk of their entire constituency.

I’m not talking about mandates; you never heard anything from these legislators encouraging the masks, vaccinations and social distancing that would help curtail this pandemic.

Then, they had the nerve to oppose the state of emergency and try to punish the chairman for calling it. Shame on them! Our county deserves better.

Thank you, Scott Gray, for showing what serving everyone in Jefferson County looks like. Let’s hope the new chairman can follow Scott’s lead as the County Board moves forward.

Jon Hall


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I have always liked Scott Gray and if I had lived in and voted in his district all these years I would have voted for him ... he has served us well. Good luck to him from now one, too. — Dan Francis (a DEM in Watertown)


I don’t know of Scott Gray, but if the letter is an accurate portrayal I’ll add my appreciation.

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