I’m really tired of all the criticisms of our newspaper and our governor.

We are not perfect. However, Gov. Andrew Cuomo took New York from the worst of the novel coronavirus to the best.

Regarding the newspaper, well, I read it with scissors as I send articles to relatives and friends. I love the comics.

My son once told me that was the best part of the newspaper. I agree.

I’m happy to have a newspaper. I like a paper newspaper.

I buy the Monday newspaper each week. I don’t mind the extra $2 as I send the puzzle page to our son.

For what it is worth, I’m a registered Republican. No, I did not vote for Donald Trump.

I didn’t vote for president in 2016. I vote my conscience.

I can’t believe people are so brainwashed. We have free speech but not to instill a riot.

For the first time ever, I was ashamed of our president for all four years that he was in office. I just hope members of the U.S. Senate vote their consciences and what it meant when they raised their hand to uphold our Constitution.

Jean Jacob


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Farmer Liz

How do you vote your conscience if you don't vote?


I suspect the author didn't vote the top of the ticket..it appears many GOPer's did also...yet voted down ticket candidates.... the post election numbers supported that...


Those Republicans who have consciences voted to convict.

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