GOP has no plan for addressing our issues

I would like to take this opportunity to reach out to Tedra Cobb and say nice job on your latest attack ad against U.S. Rep. Elise Stefanik.

You show a military vehicle being blown up by a roadside bomb. Very graphic. Did you even take one minute to think about the impact such an ad would have on the military families including the children who have mothers and fathers serving overseas at this very moment?

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hermit thrush

the bad faith in this letter and in bugaboo's comment below just leaves you shaking your head. both political parties, very much including republicans, routinely run ads with military or war-time footage. the number of republicans who cared about this when trump ran four years ago is zero.


I remember when Republicans lost it over Obama using the phrase “lipstick on a pig” because they were accusing him of smearing Palin somehow. It had nothing to do with her. There was also the Elsie the Cow episode from a few years back. Stefanik was mortified that someone would sink so low.

I know both parties do grievance, but lately, especially with the most put-upon man ever in the WH, the Republicans have raised it to an art form.


Luke, Ms. Cobb genuinely and passionately supports and respects our military, which is why her campaign ad depicts its dangers realistically and truthfully. The section in the ad that you referred to is meant to vividly reminded 21st district folks, especially non-military ones, of the enormous perils our soldiers encounter every day. ("I know this is hard to view, but it's the truth and it's important you know it.") The truth can hurt, jar or disturb us. Our job is to advance beyond our feelings and discomfort, providing the authentic and concrete support our soldiers deserve.


That’s what I get for not watching TV.


I agree with this assessment and I also will vote for Stefanik .Cobb promised a clean campaign , ads like these are diminishing her likability ,big time!!


Yes, I’m sure the letter writer otherwise would’ve voted for Tedra Cobb. Sure!

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