Bellor declares her commitment to residents

When considering a candidate for any office, it is most helpful to make an educated decision based on facts, not fallacies. Also remember that even though people might give their opinions, which are like armpits in that everyone has them and most of them stink, an opinion is not a fact!

I am writing this in support of Jeff Smith as mayor for Watertown. This decision is based on many facts that I know about Jeff.

I’ve known Jeff Smith since I’ve lived in Watertown. I was friends with him before I was friends with his wife. This friendship was fostered by my admiration for him.

Many Sundays, I would see him bring all four of his children to church by himself! My husband came to know Jeff well through work. Something else I also really admired about Jeff was the fact that both he and his wife were of different political beliefs and yet lived happily and peacefully together.

I also came to know that his wife was a widow with a young child when they met. Jeff raised that young child as his own. Many men today do not even raise their own children let alone other men’s children. This fact speaks volumes about Jeff and his character.

Over the 17 years I have known Jeff, I have been an eyewitness to the care and love he bestows upon his mother, sisters, nephews and in-laws. Being born and raised here, Jeff has many friends and family members and, believe me, he cares about them all.

Jeff is an extremely caring man; this is a fact. As a physician assistant, he has spent many years in school and knows the importance of taking care of the health you have.

With this being said, he works hard at staying healthy and pushes himself competing in marathons. Any marathoner has my admiration because this is something I could never do. Kudos and congratulations!

Everything Jeff does, he does his best. So achieving such high aspirations is inspirational and well deserved.

For those who do not know Jeff Smith, listen to the people that know him. I can attest to his outstanding character and with great confidence say he is one of the best husbands, fathers, sons, brothers and friends I have ever known. Based on knowing him as a friend, husband, father, son and brother, I feel pretty confident that another title I would be able to say he would probably be just as great at that of mayor!

Kim Tyler


Johnson Newspapers 7.1

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Great analysis of Jeff!!!! I heartily agree! He will make a fine Mayor!

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