Will schools cut taxes with so much closed?

I just can’t believe how selfish and ignorant some people are. I just read your newspaper article about members of a group who defied the stay-at-home and cancellation of an event to do it anyway (“Some riders show for SNIRT Run,” April 19).

This is what one person had to say: “If we get it, we get it; if we live, we live; if we die we die.’’

Ah, OK, so forget about anybody who might get sick because you are infected, silently or not. It’s an amazing miracle that the human race has managed to stay alive with mentalities and attitudes like this. And my original Facebook post was not so genteel.

Pam Spicer


Johnson Newspapers 7.1

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Holmes -- the real one

Think carefully before you consider a tourist vacation here in the North Country -- especially if you enjoy ATV activities.

Those accompanying you off road may just include some of these SNIRT-type folks who have made abundantly clear that they care nothing whatsoever about the health and safety of those around them.


This issue falls on the local leaders in that area to enforce the social distancing mandate.... it's the same group/area who could care less about guns laws, also supported by local leader...and it's all about them... typical youthful invincibility syndrome.... otherwise known as lack of common sense.. and respect. Avoid that area...the businesses will pay the price..

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