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Despite the persistent and conscientious efforts of our census workers, what we have long talked about is now upon us in the Empire State, redistricting will take place 2021. The assumption is that the 21st Congressional District, already unwieldly in size, must once again grow, which will further diminish its citizens rights to equable representation. There is a better solution.

If the 21st District was split down the middle north to south with the halves created added to districts to the south, it would serve to remedy the problems created by having a district that is far too vast as recently demonstrated in the 2020 election. While travel north and south would remain largely the same in distance aided by two major highways, the daunting east and west journey would be eliminated resulting in better representation for this northernmost part of New York. In this approach, the 22nd would be absorbed into the western half of the 21st with some going to districts to its west while the 20th District would merge with parts of the 19th and the eastern half of the 21st. I encourage everyone to take a look at the map of our congressional districts and consider.

This time around let’s not focus on the simple yet hugely unfair solution improving representation along sensible geographic alignments as a change. Let’s truly redistrict.

Brett W. Thacher


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I pray to the Redistricting Gods that Stefanik gets off her 21st district horse. Let her run for Governor and see how she does. No one with a brain will ever forgive her for her despicable attempt to subvert our Democracy on January 6th. Let the Constitutional required decades census censure her!


District her out; we could finally be rid of Stefanik!!!!

She's back

Your idea makes a good deal of sense. The population loss in the areas around Syracuse and Utica show that they should absorb the 21 St district. Of course it Doesn't help us here in Watertown that our Congressional Rep Lives/ has her main office so far away that it practically in Vermont. The only time she spend out this way with us is when she is seeking reelection.


Do areas that are unpopulated really need representation? More time to go on Fox, OAN and Newsmax and be a celebrity politician superstar.


It looks like they're planning to redistrict some other representative out of the picture, one who was already a goner because of a scandal.

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