Time for us to face consequences of racism

Ray Ciccarelli says he is quitting NASCAR because, “I have the right to not spend my own money to participate in a sport that’s now getting involved in politics.” What he is missing is that NASCAR and all the other sports enterprises have been “getting involved in politics” ever since they started engaging in flag ceremonies, playing the national anthem, fly overs, etc.

All these pro sports venues are really private enterprise with no direct relationship to our politics or nation, but they have chosen to engage in displays that attract participants and an audience around national pride. Unfortunately, when it comes to things like the Confederate battle flag and denying the constitutional right of peaceful protest, it excludes whole segments of people who are also citizens. Ideally, in my opinion, all these sports should dispense with flag ceremonies, anthems, etc. and just do their thing as a human activity.

James Bullard


Johnson Newspapers 7.1

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Ciccarelli - Let's see... last 4 years...19 races... 0 wins.... 1 top 10...0 top 5... rank this year 38th... It's probably time for Ray to find another job... I would never insult ANY veteran, present or past, by stopping the flag ceremony... I don't agree with any protest during a flag ceremony.... but I support anyone's right to do it... our 1st A rights aren't based on whether you agree or disagree with the message...

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