Donald Trump is stoking religious bigotry

The Executive Committee of the St. Lawrence Republican County Committee has unanimously endorsed U.S. Rep. Elise Stefanik in the 21st Congressional District.

Rep. Stefanik is a proven defender of the U.S. Constitution, and she is consistently recognized nationally for her steadfast commitment to upholding the Second Amendment. Elise fights every day to ensure the government does not infringe upon the rights of law-abiding citizens.

Her opponent, Tedra Cobb, in sharp contrast was caught on tape saying that she supports a ban on certain firearms but would not say so publicly for fear of losing her election. Tedra should recognize that her policies do not represent our north country values.

Rep. Stefanik understands the need for fiscal responsibility and to pass a balanced budget without overburdening our families with higher and higher tax rates. Republican Congresswoman Stefanik has never voted for to raise our taxes — not once.

As a St. Lawrence County legislator, Tedra Cobb voted to raise taxes at every opportunity. When her wasteful, expensive policy proposals cost too much for the county budget, she passed the bill straight to us — the taxpayers. The failed fiscal policies of Tedra Cobb and the Democrats are why Republicans soon won back our county legislature.

Rep. Stefanik knows that truth and transparency in our government are critical to serving the people. She has committed herself and her offices to being accessible and open. Already, Elise has hosted more than 1,000 constituent outreach events across the district and has connected with more than 565,000 constituents on her Tele-Townhalls and Coffees with Your Congresswoman events — unlike Tedra Cobb, who has hosted only a few press events.

Finally, during the House’s impeachment proceedings, Rep. Stefanik stood up for truth and transparency and asked tough questions to find out the truth from each of the witnesses. While Elise was leading the effort to get the facts on the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, Tedra Cobb spent her time fundraising from Hollywood liberals who posted sexist tweets about Elise and shared falsified images of the congresswoman that had been blatantly altered.

All the while, it took Tedra months to be honest with NY-21 voters about where she stands on impeachment. While Elise gained national praise for her efforts to find the truth, Tedra hid behind liberal money from elites, Hollywood and vitriolic rhetoric.

In conclusion, we ask you to please recognize Elise’s record of bipartisan results and transparency for the north country.

Hon. Thomas L. Jenison


Thomas O. Hardiman


Donald W. Gruneisen


Nancy K. Martin

Corresponding secretary

Johnson Newspapers 7.1

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(7) comments


They're all enemies of the state.


Notice that nowhere in the endorsement is the name TRUMP. "Let's omit her association with Trump because nothing concerns us more and imperils her re-election than it."


"Rep. Stefanik is a proven defender of the U.S. Constitution"


Emoluments clause? How about Trump threatening to pull broadcast licenses of TV stations he didnt like? Republicans love the Constitution about as much as they love "family values", zero.


Stefanik is clever--no, crafty.


And well organized


And an unlimited war chest. We see how much pull she actually has tho with Moscow Mitch getting the nod for military expansion over ground. tRump has already thrown stefanik under the bus.


Do not understand your comment re “ throwing her under the buss “. Trump is one of her major supporters which is a very good thing and she strongly supports Fort Drum.

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