GOP engaging in a constitutional flip-flop

Once again, I am listening to the gaggle of John Peach on local TV.

He now wants to stop shipping along the St. Lawrence Seaway on Dec. 1.

Mr. Peach (executive director of Save the River) may be having a brain freeze. Every month of shipping is vital to the shipping companies.

The St. Lawrence River is a paradise but also a necessary tool for the United States, Canada and much of the world.

Once again, Save the River should review its objectives as many are outdated.

Jim Tousant

Alexandria Bay

Johnson Newspapers 7.1

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Couldn't agree more JT... amazes me to see groups of people, riverfront owners, up and down a 20 mile stretch of the river looking for state or federal money to upgrade their docks, seawalls and boathouses, or better yet, to avoid having to spend money on their seasonal vacation property, stop shipping on 1700+ miles of a two nation international seaway system... A report last week by the USACE(Army Corp Engineers) stated Lake Superior, Huron, and Michigan are still 9-14" above norm... Lake Superior is over 1400" deep.. Soooo, let's open the dams and flood everyone down river... Tunnel vision.... I support with their efforts to keep the river clean, this however, is over reach by a mile.. and has zero chance..


Remember none of the flooding happened until 2017 and 2019 except for 1993 ( for about 3 days) and then somewhere in the 1970's.

The shipping season used to stop in early Dec and not start back up until early February. Plan 2024 implemented in the fall of 2016 is responsible and the not the rain and other mumbo jumbo from the IJC. Just open the valve and it would not be a problem.

The data being presented by the DEC and Army Core actually proves my point----none of this had to happen.


So what changed in 2018...when there was no flooding and the shipping season was the same? Same 2024 Plan? USACE - "One year earlier the average water level for June, 2018 was 183.56 m/602.23 ft. This represents a year-to-year water level rise of 35 cm/13.77 in. Precipitation was near average in the Lake Superior watershed in May but despite this, water supply to the basin was above average from high winter precipitation and runoff." Superior is 350 higher above sea level...and 13" above normal's gotta go somewhere .. yea, just open the valve and flood everyone down river of you....That's why there's an international commission making those decisions...


Sooo what happened in 2018? Same plan...which proves my point... So Lake Superior, 350+ higher in sea level than the river, and up to 18" above average isn't affecting this?? and the answer is to flood everyone down river? Good luck with that..

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