I just read the article in the Watertown Daily Times titled “Pharma companies pushed opioids” (Dec. 8, Sunday Weekly section) with interest and concern.

Several years ago, I fell and broke my right arm. I was treated at the Samaritan Medical Center Emergency Department here in Watertown. I used to work in a large trauma center in Pinehurst, N.C., so I was quite familiar with fracture treatment.

What concerned me was the continued pressure to take narcotic pain relievers. My arm actually had very little pain, and I told the medical staff members that I am seriously allergic to morphine and did not want anything narcotic.

I am not an addict of any kind, but I have a long family history of addiction and alcoholism; I also told this to the medical personnel. This was another reason to decline any narcotic pain relievers.

They kept on trying, though. One nurse told me that my arm will start hurting once the shock wears off and I might be better able to handle it with something stronger than Toradol.

I could not believe the pressure they kept up to get me to take something that I did not need or want. Anyone less stubborn or who had not had anaphylactic shock from morphine may have said yes, and that might have been all it took for addiction to get a foothold.

Karen Romanek


Johnson Newspapers 7.1

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This person is making an obvious statement about what is wrong with for-profit medicine. They must be a communist.


That added a lot to the conversation. Not.


You could have accepted the pills and smuggled them out in case you needed them later. When I got a 50 year old baby tooth replaced with an implant a few years ago the dentist gave me some Vicodin "just in case, when the local wears off," and I still have the whole bottle in my freezer. I happened to also be on Celebrex for arthritis at the time (can't keep taking it or you get kidney problems) and that tided me over. But you know, who knows when you might get hurt or sick and need something quick. Which would be illegal so disregard, that never happened and I'm not suggesting you do it.

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