Stefanik succeeded in securing airport grant

I recently bought $30.32 in gas from a large gas station on Route 365 near the New York state Thruway using my credit card.

When I got home, I discovered that my card was charged $100! This charge is in the “Pending Charges” category of my credit card, and I have requested an alert if and when it is posted.

To me, this is a deceptive and deceitful business practice. Perhaps they are ensuring that I didn’t abscond with extra gas or something. There was no notice on or near the pump that this would happen. I am hoping that the $69.68 they have taken, or threatened to take from me, will be restored. But with no established assurance or communication about this from this gas station, how do I know for sure?

It seems to me that this new practice by some gas stations borders on theft (that money is not available to me until they release it), and I think it is worthy of investigations by media and legal authorities.

Peggy Spencer Behrendt

Cold Brook

Johnson Newspapers 7.1

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A Dodger

Pending charges are just that. the actual amount will post to your account within a few days and the 100 will drop off. It may effect your usable credit line for a day or two but you will not be charged the 100 dollars. When you pay at the pump, it runs a transaction one time, before you pump one drop and is good for up to 100 dollars. When the gas station runs their credit card terminal settlement, the actual charge will go to your card and the 100 will drop off. It's standard practice.


This is a letter to the editor? Anyway, credit card charges often appear as a different amount while they are pending. I'm sure when it clears it will be the correct amount.

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