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As we navigate the still quite unfamiliar days of social media and constant connectivity to celebrities and politicians, we are desperate for genuine role models for our impressionable youth. All too often we see teenagers mimic and attach themselves to celebrities who use vulgar language, spread hate where there should be love, and use their platform for their own personal agendas rather than for the good of the country. U.S. Rep. Elise Stefanik is a shining example of a true role model and someone we should be promoting on all platforms.

I have always been impressed with Congresswoman Stefanik by the way she carries herself in every interaction she has. She always holds the north country in high regard and uses the outlet to promote and educate rather than to put down differing viewpoints.

Elise’s coverage of a Clayton man’s journey to space should spark a new interest in space for our younger generation. Her support and compassion throughout the George Floyd protests are a sign of hope, and her overall drive to become the youngest GOP woman elected to Congress is nothing short of inspirational. Rep. Elise Stefanik will always have my support, and she will surely have my vote in November.

Chris Monnat


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"All too often we see teenagers mimic and attach themselves to celebrities who use vulgar language, spread hate where there should be love, and use their platform for their own personal agendas rather than for the good of the country. "

Not just teenagers, Chris. This newspaper has not, and I suspect never will, print accurately what Trump says every day, every hour, loudly and in public. But his sycophants and hangers-on, like Elise Stefanik, dare not correct him even once.

You know: "I grab 'em by the **ssy." "They can go **** themselves." "I'll bomb the ***t out of 'em." Those are only three of over 20,000 cataloged examples of extreme vulgarity by Presidunce Trump in only the last four years. You know who he is: Ellise Stefanik's Dear Leader. She spends more time with him than her constituents in her legislative district. To be fair, she may think he has more money to spend.

Speaking of lining ones pockets, slopping at the public trough, and broadcasting hate from that "bully pulpit" the rest of us pay for, DJT is no slouch. He's made a career of it for the last fifty years. And now, Elise is beside him every second, an eager apprentice.

Do you think she'll ever grow up?

Holmes -- the real one


hermit thrush

the examples in this letter are so weak that it's practically an endorsement for tedra cobb.

Pat Luppens

I'm pretty sure it is an endorsement of Ms. Cobb


One must remember these are the same people who still think tRUMP is cleaning up the swamp.

Holmes -- the real one


Pat Luppens

Try to remember, joining the Republican party is joining a religion. When the President speaks it its the word of God. To disagree is heresy, an offense for which you will be excommunicated (primaried). It is likely she became indoctrinated at an early age at Albany Academy for Girls.



Pat Luppens

I should add that this makes the argument for a solid, well funded public education system.

Holmes -- the real one

Which makes clear just why Trump has done so much to undermine it.


Just look at poor Lindsey Graham. A large swath of Washington DC’s male escorts are now coming forward to confirm what we all knew. We all know how Trump got Senator Graham to “suddenly” reverse positions on Trump presidency.

Holmes -- the real one

This makes an excellent point Nice_Commenter.

We look around ans see quite a number of individuals who are surprisingly "in the pocket" of others -- many who were previously posturing as adamantly opposed. Moscow Mitch is another example.

This kind of blackmail strategy has long been used by Russia (and let's just admit it) by the US) for recruiting spies and for obtaining tacit control of decisions of governments.

People who are vulnerable and compromised in some way are ideal targets for manipulation.

Take Donald Trump, for example. And we don't want to forget ambitious little Elise.


They have Trump on tape basically admitting this. When he said “we have compromising video of someone on the other side” he wasn’t talking about a Democrat. That comment was at the same time as “never trumper” Lindsey Graham went full 180 on Trump.


Tedra all the way




“ . All too often we see teenagers mimic and attach themselves to celebrities who use vulgar language, spread hate where there should be love, and use their platform for their own personal agenda”

Stefanik supports Trump, who is a textbook example of everything this letter writer criticizes. Has anyone told this letter writer about President Trump? Is this a parody?



Farmer Liz



The writer obviously has difficulty connecting dots. The distortion of seeing the world through orange-colored glasses never ceases to amaze me.

Holmes -- the real one

Chris Monnat of Lowville --

This is what Stefanic really supports -- every lie that comes out of Trump's mouth. And that's a lot of lies. Here are just a few:

Windmills cause cancer

Antifa is causing the riots

Vince Foster was murdered

Joe Scarborough is a murderer

Climate change is a Chinese hoax

Childhood vaccinations cause autism

Barack Obama was really born in Kenya

Ukraine has Hillary's missing 33,000 emails

The Bidens and Burisma in Ukraine and JY-na.

George Soros was running the Messican caravans

5,000,000 illegals cost him the popular vote in 2016

Antonin Scalia may have been smothered with a pillow

Ted Cruz's father helped Lee Harvey Oswald kill Kennedy

The Clintons killed Jeffrey Epstein (Where the love, Donnie?)

There will be massive electoral fraud if mail-in voting is allowed

The Access Hollywood "Grab 'em by the p_ussy" tape was phony

Crowdstrike framed the Russians for hacking the DNC data base

The Hurricane Maria death toll in Puerto Rico was inflated to hurt him

Obama and his henchmen illegally spied on the Trump campaign in 2016

The wives/girlfriends of the 9/11 hijackers were sent home before the attacks

Why, one might ask, would anyone support these inane conspiracy theory claims? Does she actually believe all that? If so, it doesn't say much for her intelligence.

And you, Chris Monnat, lifelong Republican, are a supporter of that?

Here's what Lenin had to say about folks like Trump and Stefanik:

"A lie told often enough becomes the truth." -- Lenin.

That's who you support with your "shining example."




That is an impressive layout - both content and form!

Holmes -- the real one

Which is why I must tell you that I lifted it from the comment of a colleague at Political Wire. The commenter's name is Dean Barbout and you can tind his original comment here:


He will be glad to know that his message was appreciate here too.


[thumbup] And the article the comment was attached to was another chilling read about the nutjobs managing to get elected by the followers of the current nutjob-in-chief

Holmes -- the real one

Minder --

It's just possible that ou night find that PW site interesting.


It is isn't it!

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