The GOP is sacrificing itself to hurt Biden

U.S. Rep. Elise Stefanik continues to fight for our district, freedom and family. I agree with Elise, what we saw on Nov. 2 couldn’t be spun by the media or the left wing pundits. What we saw was Americans fed up with the way things are going!

On the night of Nov. 2 throughout the north country and in Virginia, we saw voters come out and make their voices heard. Hardworking men and women voted to elect Republicans like Glenn Youngkin in the Old Dominion because they see what complete Democrat control in Washington is doing and how it is affecting our lives.

Even in Canton, Republicans took back two Town Council seats with John Taillon receiving the most votes in the race. This is outstanding considering Joe Biden won Canton by more than 20% of the vote! This is a direct result of the failures of the Democratic Party and President Biden’s inability to get his multiple crises under control.

Rep. Stefanik has been at the forefront of this battle. We have seen her work day in and day out, exposing the Democrats’ not only in Congress but in our own district. She has stood up for our law enforcement, advocated for reopening the Northern border and led the call for investigating former Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s nursing home cover-up.

While our country is undoubtedly headed in the wrong direction under total Democrat control, I know there’s hope when I see Elise working diligently for the north country. We need fighters like Elise to continue to advocate for our values!

Donald Gruneisen


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North Country Values do not include supporting traitor acts that Trump imposed on January 6th. North Country Values do not include bearing false witness against potictical opponents. Niorth Country Values do not include underming presdiential elections with false accustations. Elise Stefanik does not reflect North Country Vales. She is Valueless to the North Country. Mr. Grunieson is the head of the Republican party in St. Lawrence County. He has drank the Trump/Stefanik Koolaid.


To correct my errors. North Country Vaules do no include supporting traitor acts that Trump imposed on January 6th. North Country Values do not include undermining presidential elections with false accusations. Elise Stefanik does not reflect North Country Values as evidenced by her ling and defaming her opponents in past campaigns. She is valueless to the North Country and a hindrance instead. Mr. Gruniesen is the head of the Republican Party in the Town of Potsdam and a member of the Republican Party Committee for St. Lawrence County, He has drank from the Trump/Stefanik Koolaid.

Joseph Savoca

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Elise is the congresswoman who cried socialist. 📣

She's back

Note that the author of the letter to the editor is a member of the St. Lawrence Republican committee . So has reason to be highly biased. His status as a CPA indicate that he is involved in the funding an promoting of candidates. His opinion should not be confused with that of an normal North Country citizen. And his phone number is.... no I won't do that.

She's back

NO, Stefanik does not represent the needs of the North County when she voted against The Infrastructure Bill or when she voted for Trump's tax cuts for the Wealthy.

She defiled the Constitution by Participating in the "Big Lie" of a "stolen election which lead to an attempted and violent insurrection, with dozens of injured law enforcement officers that Stefanik supposedly says she "backs" (yah right). Trump lost fair and Square, and by a landside as has been shown in all States. She STILL refuses to Back down from the Big lie.

She now keeps company with the likes of Convicted Criminal Steve Bannon, and continues to tote the mantel of "Trumpism", which is MORE properly called "Bannonism". Does she have any clue what a dangerous path of violent White Nationalism Bannon started for the followers. Bannon wants a civil war. ( I am not joking)

It is hard to tell the difference Between the "Radicalized version of Elsie Stefanik and the extremist of her party like Gossar, or Marjory Taylor Green. No ideas just insults and vulgarities. And stop calling every democrat a Socialist that is so "Steve Bannon".

Biden has already done more for the middle and working class people of the North Country than Trump or his minions ever would.

Pat Luppens

She voted against the infrastructure bill. Guess the North Country doesn't need help with infrastructure.


Stefanik voted against infrastructure funds for her district and the country. She and fellow star, AOC. At the same time, she’s calling the governor a leftist for not keeping prisons open for the sole purpose of providing jobs. That seems socialist to me.

Youngkin won in Virginia because he was able to stay out of pictures with Trump. And because the governorship of that state always seems to go to the party that doesn’t hold the WH. That’s also the case with NJ except not this year. So, a case could be made that Republicans underperformed. Like Trump underperformed on infrastructure.

Oh, and of course the loser in the NJ race is not conceding because the GOP is officially the sore loser party now.

Youngkin was able to disavow Trump. Stefanik can’t. She’s fully complicit.

Pat Luppens

Battle, fight, crisis. Our country has many problems to solve. Perhaps a first step would be to tone down the rhetoric. Ms. Stefanik is member of the United States Congress and, as such, has a responsibility to consider what will best serve the the entire country, not just issues of the North Country and what is most likely to get her reelected.

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