Trump’s election didn’t reflect will of voters

Last week, along with millions of other Americans, I witnessed the disturbing dog-and-pony show performed by the Republican duo of U.S. Reps. David Nunes and Elise Stefanik.

The more I watched, the clearer it became that their strategy was orchestrated to enflame President Donald Trump’s base to a fiery outrage.

I presume they spent plenty of time prior to the inquiry writing the script.

Both of these individuals are college graduates, presumably able to read.

Therefore, both should be familiar with rules and procedures by which an impeachment inquiry is governed.

Both knew that only the ranking members and their counsel would be permitted questions until later in the hearing, at which time other members would have an opportunity to question the witness.

And, of course, they did have that opportunity at the appropriate juncture.

The performance by Nunes and Stefanik was timed so that those watching, who were not aware of the rules of order, would think the Republicans were being shut down by Chairman Adam Schiff, a Democrat, without an opportunity to be heard.

Thus her tweet:

“Once again, Adam Schiff flat out REFUSES to let duly elected Members of Congress ask questions to the witness, simply because we are Republicans. His behavior is unacceptable and he continues to abuse his Chairmanship.”

The truth?

Mr. Schiff did exactly what the law requires him to do. I believe every bit of this stunt was planned to the smallest detail, including the cast (a Republican woman, “maligned” by a male Democrat) and costumes (the fuchsia suit for stand-out effect).

The smirk, the head-shaking.

This staged ploy had some success with her followers.

Read the posts on Stefanik’s Facebook page, and you will see how many do not understand the process set forth for a judicial inquiry and fell completely for this farce.

Fortunately, those more schooled in procedure saw it for what it was and are now, more than ever, ready to stand behind Tedra Cobb in 2020.

Ms. Stefanik, you often speak of your desire for transparency.

You have achieved it.

We see right through you.

Brooke Stark


Johnson Newspapers 7.1

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(24) comments

hermit thrush

Adam Serwer🍝

The evidence produced by the impeachment inquiry is not going to convince Trumpists or those beholden to them, because they are not operating from a moral framework that allows Trump to be culpable of wrongdoing.

* * * * *

Believing that Republican officials will be convinced by the evidence proffered by Trump’s own staff and political appointees is a mistake, because the underlying facts are not genuinely in dispute. Trumpists are not operating from an ethical framework that even allows acknowledgment that the president is capable of being guilty. Trump is the nation, and the nation cannot commit treason against itself. On the contrary, it is Joe Biden who is guilty of betrayal, defying the tribune of the people by seeking to run against him, and it is Trump’s treacherous staff who convict themselves of treason with every statement that implicates the president. The more evidence of Trump’s misdeeds the Democrats uncover, the more they reveal themselves as traitors. For Trumpists, there is no higher patriotism than bending to Trump’s will, and no more base corruption than defying it.

Holmes -- the real one

Wow !

This "Dabney Carr" would have Jefferson rolling in his grave.

Any reasonable person would ACTUALLY look at the facts. I wonder why a Barr "synopsis' of what was actually said is what someone would cling to. The ACTUAL transcript of the call in question here was so disturbing that immediately after the whistleblower alerted others to the issue a cover-up was initiated to bury the full and complete transcript ( ).

The remainder of this "Dabney Carr" comment is similarly and obviously false.

Where does someone who makes such a comment get their "talking points" from, I wonder.

Dabney Carr

typical leftist - can't attack the message so attack the messenger.


keep voting democrat - it has worked out so well for the people of New York!!


hermit thrush

what an incredible response. holmes raised a number of substantive points and it's just like whoosh, in one ear and out the other.

meanwhile, you should ask yourself why the republican parts of the state are doing worse than the democratic parts of the state. you should ask yourself why california's economy has been doing pretty well while right-wing ideology has wrecked kansas and louisiana.

Dabney Carr

Having just spent a year in Los Angeles I can personally tell you that California's economy is not doing well … not sure where you got your news from but I can produce numerous folks who will tell you the same thing - California is a wreck! have not been to Kansas or Louisiana in a while so can't comment on those states ...

hermit thrush

meanwhile, in reality ...


Wow you are making some really weird statements regarding California getting along pretty good when they are losing people like a freight train headed for home.

Not sure of what state you are referring to regarding the Democratic parts doing well and the Republican parts doing better---if you mean NYS why are we $6+ billion over budget and can't figure out where to tax us next to make it up. Your Democratic Governor just keeps giving it away wherever he wants.

hermit thrush

what is it about right-wing politics that compels people to beclown themselves like this?

california's population has done nothing but go up for as long as we've been keeping statistics. it's even been rising at a faster rate than the us population as a whole.

why do right-wingers have such an allergy to basic factual information? i would personally be really embarrassed if i got something so wrong like this.

also too, downstate ny and places like ithaca are obviously doing a lot better than the more republican parts of the state.

Holmes -- the real one

"Dabney Carr" --

How do you manage to interpret an addressing of the veracity of your comment (with citation) as a personal attack against you?

How bizarre of a response.

Dabney Carr

Wow. I cannot believe that any reasonable person could look at the facts presented thus far and conclude that the GOP was putting on a 'disturbing-dog-and-pony-show'. I truly hope that this opinion is not indicative of the vast majority of constituents in Northern New York.


President Trump released the transcript of his call with the Ukrainian President. No one has challenged the validity of that transcript. Numerous witnesses have testified that there was no 'quid-pro-quo', no bribery, no extortion.


Where is the impeachable offense?


hermit thrush

a "disturbing dog-and-pony show" is exactly the way to describe to stefanik and nunes's stunt. the letter lays this out in crystal clear fashion.

No one has challenged the validity of that transcript.

not true. there are notable omissions in the "transcript." witnesses have testified that the name "burisma" was conspicuously omitted (even though it was mentioned in the conversation). efforts to correct the "transcript" to put "burisma" back in were denied.

it's all part of the cover-up.

Numerous witnesses have testified that there was no 'quid-pro-quo', no bribery, no extortion.

what hearings were you watching? gordon sondland testified under oath on wednesday, "I know that members of this committee have frequently framed these complicated issues in the form of a simple question: Was there a 'quid pro quo?' As I testified previously, with regard to the requested White House call and White House meeting, the answer is yes." you couldn't ask to have it stated more clearly.

Where is the impeachable offense?

the impeachable offense is that trump tried to abuse his powers to extort a foreign country to smear a domestic political rival. if that's not impeachable then nothing is.


Wow. What a flawless letter. As I listened I thought exactly the same thing. "This was staged to make it look like something it wasn't to those who are proud of their lack of factual information." And this response is similar. The letter wasn't about impeachability, it was about a particular stunt during the impeachment hearing. Pound the table, that helps too.

Farmer Liz

Danny Carr: While the "impeachable offense" is truly glaring (had it been Obama who did this, the hearing would have taken 10 minutes), the point of the letter is about grandstanding by Elise Stefanik and Devin Nunes. Yesterday, Stefanik used part of her 5 minutes to campaign for office by tooting her own horn.

Farmer Liz

Dabney not Danny! Autocorrect...


There isn't and don't try to be rational with the two or three far leftists on here who quote Sewer, Chait, etc.. Stefanik took a big risk to allow the whackos (see George Conway) to attack women, or whatever to actually give Cobb a little national attention. But in the end, Stefanik is doing her job. But for the anti-Stefanik on here don't worry, she won't be representing you much longer. She will be on to bigger and more responsible roles at the National level. Then you will have a chance to win via know, the legal way. LOL

hermit thrush

ridiculous. the impeachable offense is very simple. trump abused his presidential powers to try to sabotage the upcoming election in his favor. that is a massive breach of the public trust. you can't have a functioning democracy if you allow that. it's molten-core impeahable.

and my god, george conway didn't attack "women." what an outrageous smear. what is with you?


Good letter! Stefanik, Johnson, and Nunes have little of substance to say, so they whine “Not fair!” (A favorite bleat of their Glorious Leader, to whose stained coat-tails they have attached themselves.)

Kevin Beary

Schiff created the choreography but Stefanik refused to dance to his tune.

hermit thrush

the rules put in place are perfectly fair. you are openly celebrating rule-breaking.

Holmes -- the real one

This little display from Stefanik is her "loyalty oath" in action. She offered up Ft. Drum as a sacrifice to the cause and now she's doubling down on the burnt offering to him by all she's doing now.

Just how do you think our troops feel about her not even naming John McCain when she was there with Trump? Then lately she recirculated that picture standing by Trump taken at Ft. Drum while attempting to troll Tedra Cobb. The officers I spoke with today told me that they were shocked at that but now they are even more horrified that Trump is defying the leadership and actually pardoning a Navy Seal who has committed war crimes. This latest action has dealt a huge blow to morale.

The message they have received is clear -- Elise Stefanik will happily sell out the lives of our military personnel for her own political gain.


Meanwhile more funding is going the way of Drum. And she is lobbying for bigger projects there. As she sits on committees you can't even fathom about what they know and what their responsibilities are. Speaking of selling out troops...has anyone seen Hillary lately?

hermit thrush

clinton derangement syndrome is truly an incurable disease.

Joe Schmoe

More funding because she "says" she supports our troops and acts like a diehard Trumper at any cost (even OUR security). Stay focused on Hillary and forget the present, SMFH

Holmes -- the real one

Brooke Stark -- A remarkably excellent letter.

There is little better than messages like this which boldly speak the truth back to those pretending to have our interests at heart.

I especially respect this:

"Ms. Stefanik, you often speak of your desire for transparency.

You have achieved it.

We see right through you."

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