We should mark time the best ways we can

U.S. Rep. Elise Stefanik has announced her support of President Donald Trump’s order to assassinate the number two leader of Iran. She strikes a terrifying tone of blind loyalty to a dangerous and unpredictable President.

The president did not warn Iran or seek negotiation. In fact, he pulled out of the negotiated treaty with Iran on nuclear weapons, and he said many times that he did not want war with Iran.

Yet Stefanik defends Trump in extreme terms, writing to constituents that “President Trump is reaffirming the proven doctrine of Peace Through Strength. Iran was given multiple warnings. ... The era of leading from behind with pallets of cash is over.”

This is a dangerous simplification. Stefanik chooses to blindly support dangerous provocation and war crimes.

We don’t need this kind of instability and recklessness anywhere near the White House. We deserve sane and informed leaders who would strive to improve the situation in the Middle East, not those who would blindly support our president’s erratic and uninformed orders.

Jennifer Mitchell


Johnson Newspapers 7.1

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stefanik should be voted out. But let's face it, the brain dead republican base in our district will vote her back in, in spite of voting against their own well being.


If you don't "support the troops" when Trump sends them (wherever he decides to invade) you are not patriotic!

hermit thrush

trump wants to rent out our troops as mercenaries. he calls our generals dopes and babies. this is what "supporting the troops" now means to republicans.


I agree we need sane and informed leaders. Then I look at the democratic presidential candidates and see neither.

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