Paper must fact-check Cuomo’s comments

“Donald Trump’s speech and behavior show that he has severe sociopathic traits … the paranoia of severe sociopathy creates a profound risk of war.”

— “The Dangerous Case of Donald Trump,” 2017

Donald Trump is incapable of a focus external to himself. Little did we know that the war would be on U.S. soil in the U.S. Capitol. I sit feeling horror as I watch American citizens physically fight with Capitol and DC police, break windows, trespass in government buildings, rifle through desks, scale walls, plant pipe bombs and threaten American congress members.

How did we get here? Trump incited supporters by lying, manipulating and energizing violent people. Therefore, he institgated a riot.

Who helped to support these acts? By choosing to vote against the Electoral College count, U.S. Rep. Elise Stefanik of NY-21 colluded with these actions. She chose to ignore democracy and the will of the voting public, thereby voicing to support a coup.

Inspiring a sudden, violent and illegal seizure of power from a government is a treasonous act. Stefanik is part of the violent mob, a conspirator in betraying our country.

Stefanik is dangerous to our democracy. Call Stefanik’s office today and ask for her resignation.

Laura Holzer


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Blame for the January 6 riots on the U.S. capital building is all Trumps. Unfortunately his republican followers in the U.S. Senate will not convict him and the nation should prepare for a continued onslaught from this wacko man. I don't believe Mr Trump should be blamed for any planned "war with China." The current administrations favoritism with Taiwan is concerning in that mainland China has declared war to be imminent if we aid the island of Chinese people. The Peoples Republic of China claims Taiwan is part mainland China. America should tread carefully their IMO.


Whether it's Stefanik or Cuomo...if you're not happy with either one, find a candidate beat them in an election, that's what the Dem's did to Trump... calling for them to resign is a waste of time....


calling for them to resign is a waste of time

Right. She’s not going to resign and it gives her the opportunity to play victim which is oxygen to Republican politicians.

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