Lyin’ Elise Stefanik is at it again. I voted for her the first two times, but never again.

Tedra Cobb is having trouble with the concept that there almost certainly is no bounty on soldiers in Afghanistan, but Lyin’ Elise is lying about almost everything.

Lyin’ Elise: Why is she called Taxin’ Tedra’? Everybody: Because you invented it and refuse to quit using it no matter how many times it’s disproven.

Lyin’ Elise: Donald Trump made the right decision to ban flights from China. Watertown Daily Times: Trump didn’t ban flights from China, just limited them.

Lyin’ Elise: Cobb is a former political appointee of Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s. Watertown Daily Times: No.

Lyin’ Elise: Cuomo is Cobb’s largest donor. Watertown Daily Times: Cuomo has made no donations to Cobb.

Lyin’ Elise’s spokesperson: The state Democratic Committee is paying for the Cobb campaign’s field operation. Cobb campaign spokesperson: No.

Lyin’ Elise: Cobb opposed the Paycheck Protection Program before she supported it. Watertown Daily Times: No.

Lyin’ Elise: Cobb not only supports defunding the police and Nancy Pelosi’s anti-police bill, she voted to defund the police by voting to eliminate a deputy sheriff’s position. Watertown Daily Times: No, and no.

Lyin’ Elise: Cobb’s campaign continues to flounder and she’s had to cut employees. Cobb’s campaign manager: This is just another Stefanik lie.

Lyin’ Elise realized when Tedra ran against her two years ago that the only way to beat her was to lie about her and just keep right on lying no matter how many times she’s caught at it. How did that work for her? Pretty well last time, although her margin of victory was still cut in half from her first two campaigns.

I’m tired of having a representative who refuses to tell the truth. I was proud to vote for Tedra two years ago and was equally proud to vote for her again this year. Let’s send Lyin’ Elise home to Washington, D.C., and elect an honest, local candidate: Tedra Cobb.

Curtis Cook


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And what's more, it's pointless because she's going to win regardless just on account of so many people in the North Country doggedly voting for the conservative regardless of other traits. This is my prediction.

Farmer Liz

Good letter, and hard to understand why so many refuse to see her lies. I feel the same way about Trump. Do they believe all the lies, or do they just not care? Either way, it's not a good reflection on the party or their voters.

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