White House weakening NEPA protections

I am happy to support U.S. Rep. Elise Stefanik because of her dedication when it comes to securing our border.

Elise has my vote because she believes in common sense reforms to fix our immigration system.

Elise wants to increase border security and promote legal immigration.

Rep. Stefanik voted for $5.7 billion worth of funds to secure the Southern border.

She has also voted against giving amnesty to illegal immigrants and voted to defund sanctuary cities.

Sanctuary cities are dangerous to the American citizens who live in them.

It is up to our elected officials to help the people.

In June, Elise voted to provide humanitarian aid to the Southern border while also addressing security concerns.

Recently, Elise signed a letter in opposition of New York state’s new Green Light Law.

The Green Light Law grants driver’s licenses to illegal immigrants.

This new law has already proven to have disastrous effects.

Since coming into full effect, federal immigration officials have not been able to access New York’s driver’s license database.

This is dangerous to New Yorkers and all Americans since it prevents us from fully vetting the people coming into our country.

Elise understands that we cannot have people pouring into our country unchecked and undocumented.

This poses a national security risk.

Rep. Stefanik is for common sense security measures and is for legal immigration.

She will have my vote in the future.

James Uhlinger III


Johnson Newspapers 7.1

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(8) comments


She's a TRAITOR to our Country & should be treated as such!

Honest Abe

Stefanik will never get my support as long as she refuses to use her brain.


The Green Light Law is a state law. Tedra Cobb and Elise Stefanik are competing to be the next representative to the federal government. Neither will have anything to do with state law. We should be more concerned about their ideas on reforming federal immigration law because currently it doesn't serve anyone except those in the business of making money off it.


Making a fence along the southern border is an idea a fifth grader who eats paste would support. It is a Bugs Bunny cartoon idea that only simpletons support. Remember when Republicans opposed wasteful spending? That was a long time ago.


I'm glad to see you know more than the professionals who are hired to protect our borders. Have you ever been to the southern border where their are trails crossing the border? Have you ever actually talked to anyone who has worked on the southern border or are you just listening to what supports your opinion?

hermit thrush

trump himself has said that the wall won't have any practical benefit and that it's a purely symbolic totem for his xenophobic supporters.


Hmmm, really? I don't recall that. Where did you see it?

hermit thrush

"Trump conceded last year in an immigration meeting with lawmakers that a wall or barrier is not the most effective mechanism to curb illegal immigration, recognizing it would accomplish less than a major expansion of U.S. enforcement powers and deportation authority. But he told lawmakers that his supporters want a wall and that he has to deliver it." https://www.washingtonpost.com/immigration/take-the-land-president-trump-wants-a-border-wall-he-wants-it-black-and-he-wants-it-by-election-day/2019/08/27/37b80018-c821-11e9-a4f3-c081a126de70_story.html

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