Alarmed that President Donald Trump is threatening to undermine our confidence in the election during a pandemic by warning of voter fraud (with absolutely no evidence), post office shenanigans and encouraging (rather than fighting off) foreign interference, I would hope my representative would finally do her job to protect this democracy.

Unfortunately, U.S. Rep. Elise Stefanik just keeps cheering him on.

It’s bad enough that Russia is at it again (after she repeated Trump and Vladimir Putin’s false talking points that Ukraine interfered in 2016), now our own president raises doubts he’ll accept election results — and she seems OK with that.

Is there no last straw with Elise?

She spoke at the Republican National Convention knowing the president’s policies put children in cages while he lets his convicted criminal friends out of prison.

Knowing he won’t confront Putin about reports of Russian bounties on our troops. Knowing that generals who served with Trump now warn us the man is unfit.

She knows the Trump Foundation was shut down for “illegally misusing charitable funds for political purposes.”

That Trump University students claim they were duped and he was forced to pay them $25 million.

That birtherism is a racist hoax.

And that Trump cron Steve Bannon is now charged with defrauding Trump’s followers who wanted to build the wall. Yet she still wants us to buy what the president’s selling.

It’s been surreal to watch Elise Stefanik go all in with Trump, whose plan to fight the novel coronavirus still consists of conspiracy theories, blame shifting and nonsensical tweets.

As she attempts to distract us from the president’s failings by trying to get us angry at China for acting like China and at Hunter Biden because they need a villain, I’ll keep foolishly hoping she’ll honor her solemn oath to protect our right to vote her out.

Conor Kealy


Johnson Newspapers 7.1

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Well said, Conor! Distraction and deception are the tools of our current representative. It is a disgrace to willfully mislead and to fail her constituents in so many ways.


Conor, have another beer with your buddy Hunter. Don't forget to cast your vote for someone who doesn't stand a chance, regardless of the support of Hollywood, Big Tech, and liberal elite college professors.


Pitbull you must lead an isolated existence. You failed to list elderly grandmothers like me who support Tedra Cobb for Congress, farmers like my spouse who support Tedra Cobb for Congress, ministers like my friend who support Tedra Cobb for Congress, librarians like my friends who support Tedra Cobb for Congress, mechinists like my friends who support Tedra Cobb for Congress, and many more right here in the North Country. There might and might not be enough citizens in Our North Country who understand what honesty is and look for it when choosing our leaders. None of us are perfect, but to so blatantly lie as Trump does and Stefanik does is a travesty to our democracy. it appears you do no value honesty as a goal for all of us.


Amen Empathy! I’m 63 and have lived various places in CD - 21 all my life. Never lived in Hollywood or worked in big tech and I’ve donated quite a bit to Tedra Cobb and will happily vote for her. PB and his pals think blather and empty predictions are going to carry the day. It’s possible and maybe even likely Stefanik will win. It’s also possible they are not part of a silent majority but a loud and braying minority.


Kudos, Empathy, for reminding us of all the good, responsible people in NY-21 who value honesty and decency in their representatives and can see when it is clearly not there in the current rep. I am hoping and praying that enough decent people will go to the polls and help to turn the tide of lies and deceit that are so damaging our country and our district.


Actually I've visited all 50 states and lived in 11 of them. I've visited 13 foreign countries, some for extended periods of time. Nope, not an isolated life. I invested 25.5 years in service to our country, then became a teacher. Nope, not an isolated life. If you want to fool yourself into thinking that your chosen candidates always tell the truth, be my guest, but you are deluding yourself. Need I mention, Tedra's stance on guns (private vs. public) or Susan Rice and the Benghazi video? Donald Trump is a "salty sailor" and without him we would careen headlong off the left shoulder of this political road to ruin. Elise is strong and supports a robust military and true support for law and order, something Cobb does not. I'm not some advocate for untruth, like you would insinuate. Bridging our understanding gap would require more than this forum can offer, unfortunately.

Farmer Liz

Never, ever discourage one from voting. Whether or not one believes a candidate can win, never assume your vote doesn't count. Shame on you.


First, Pitbull, thank you for your service! A very impressive one indeed, and worthy of our respect. Certainly dwarfs my relatively brief AD tour during Vietnam era. But that said, please go easy on citing it as a means of elevating your pulpit as a place from which to comment, at the expense of others'. You are expressing your support for a man who by his own admission knowingly lied to the American public about the gravity of the Coronavirus, and in so doing consigned tens of thousands of trusting citizens to doom at the virus' hands. He claims he did so to avert a panic. But a panic of the citizenry? I think not. Rather, I believe, he did it to avert an economic panic that he feared could scuttle his reelection bid. To me, this act amounts to betrayal of his fellow citizens, and hence, betrayal of his country. There is a word for that, and it starts with the letter T.





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