Hayden family helped Back the Pack event

I used to wonder how the citizenry of Germany could blindly follow a leader committing atrocious acts. Could it be the leader gathered his loyalty, who in turn instilled fear in the locals, causing them to hide, be silenced or flee for their lives?

What is happening to our country? Could it be that an ex-president (autocrat) continues to threaten legislators and governors, who then threaten citizens: board of education members, teachers, health care professionals, election officials and even some of their own legislators. There are death threats, withholding of funds and homeowners’ property violated.

It appears that Elise Stefanik is an active participant of the hate-mongering across our country as she never calls out the events. Instead, she requests funding be withheld from a north country radio station because of someone using the wrong email address and the word “Democrat” was in the email. Such hate!

Citizens have been enabled to report their friends, neighbors and relatives for committing a legal act and then collecting $10,000. Women fought, died and finally won the right to vote only 100 years ago and are now facing another battle.

The right to vote is being threatened across the country and, yes, we took part on Nov. 2 by voting against ourselves. What is wrong with making voting easier, the very foundation of our democracy?

The vote pleased Stefanik; no surprise as she helped stir the Jan. 6 event and we know what that was all about ... voting. She voted against forming a committee to investigate the mob attack.

Have you ever heard you can be judged by the company you keep? Stefanik chose to be one of the anti-democratic, untruthful, conspiracy-driven congressional legislators in Washington.

They know Donald Trump is an autocrat, has no respect for the U.S. Constitution or rule of law. She must continue to remain in the group to keep the chair she earned by the removal of Liz Cheney, who told the truth while Stefanik supports the big lie, which has turned into a series of lies.

Stefanik voted against Watertown’s CitiBus transit’s $8 million federal funding. She has voted against many bills coming out of the Biden administration even though many would have helped our families in the north country. She will toss a few crumbs our way to keep our minds off who she really is and what she is really doing.

Sally Doxtater

Sackets Harbor

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Great letter! Our rep has many questions to answer before next November. I hope WDT will ask those questions of her, if she’ll even consent to speak with them. I hope she’ll be faced with them in debates, if she’ll consent to debates. Town halls seem to be out of the question.

hermit thrush

great letter.

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