Democrats do not have a Cult of Cuomo

I would like to give a shout-out to U.S. Rep. Elise Stefanik. From day one of this pandemic, she has focused her team on getting the help and resources needed for the health of the north country.

Elise called out the World Health Organization and the Chinese Communist Party for the truth about the potential spread of the virus. She stood up to Gov. Andrew Cuomo and called him out for sending our resources downstate.

Rep. Stefanik was overwhelmingly elected for her standup support of the U.S. Constitution, human rights and unity. Our congresswoman is a true hero for the north country, and I am proud the she represents our values.

She is a standup congresswoman who does not run and hide when the going gets tough. She works tirelessly for us all. Elise has proven her strength and conviction.

We are lucky to have her represent the 21st Congressional District. God bless America, and God bless Elise Stefanik.

Wes Moody

Saranac Lake

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(6) comments

Pat Luppens

Taking credit for the work of others. It's how you get ahead..especially in politics.

Skye Opel

The only time Elise came out of hiding and met with people in the North Country was when she was doing her Trump is completely innocent of colluding with Russia tour. What a joke. She is not one of the rational Republicans. She has hitched her wagon to the crazy train.


Oh boy I am pretty sure you will get a personal email if not a call for them words Wes.


She’s played politics with Covid like she does with everything. She politicized ACA to get elected in the first place. She’s totally amoral.

hermit thrush

saying that stefanik doesn't hide is some a+ gaslighting.


How about her standing up to Trump.... his constant lies.. why the trip to Georgia chasing 11770 votes that didn't exist... her Trump's... undermines her accomplishments... She needs to mimic John McCain's politics... country over politics..

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