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It angers and saddens me to see what we as a nation have come to:

Divisiveness, anger and violence not only tolerated but encouraged by politicians and media alike; the demonization of the “other”: the poor, people of color, LGBTQ and immigrants; deliberate attempts to politically disenfranchise whole communities; an unwillingness to know, acknowledge and study our nation’s full historical legacy; attempts to shackle our schools, teachers and curriculum; increased disdain for and distrust of science, intellectual curiosity and critical thinking processes; accompanied by increasingly narrow opportunities for the economic, medical, material and environmental well-being of everyones’ children.

Anger and sadness are what I felt as I watched the video recently posted by U.S. Rep. Elise Stefanik, one in which she denigrates the pending work of the House committee investigating the Jan. 6 storming of the U.S. Capitol, an event that threatened the peaceful transfer of power, part of the bedrock of our Constitution.

Anger because she offered only hollow tropes and name-calling, words meant to inflame rather than calm, words of denial couched in falsehoods and obfuscations.

Sadness because having once met Ms. Stefanik early in her career, I was impressed by her candor, curiosity and commitment.

Today, it’s hard not see her as just another Republican Party hack, shouting divisive and destructive rhetoric in order to further her political career regardless of the effect it may have on the future of our country and all its citizens.

Rep. Stefanik claims to represent all of the people of the north country, but she does not.

Political expediency, climbing up the “ladder” and cynical media manipulation seem to be her M.O. these days.

She has engaged in white-washing the events of Jan. 6, attempting to decertify the Electoral College results and promoting the Big Lie, criticizing the Biden recovery plan while boasting of securing funds from it for the north country, supporting the continued exhibition of Confederate statuary in the Capitol Building, spouting claptrap about Black Lives Matter and critical race theory.

None of these actions exemplify the sort of representative I can take pride in.

At one time, despite our differing political parties and beliefs, I could still take some pride in a politician who earnestly spoke of working toward bipartisanship.

It saddens me that I can do so no longer.

Don Borsh


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She's back

Every one sees that Stefanik has become radicalized. She has always been politically ambitious and willing to do things to get elected, like move into Daddy's summer home just to be in a district where she felt she could take a seat being vacated by the incumbent.

The new version of Stefanik the political gamer is pretty nasty. Divisive , name calling and trying to appeal to Trump and "base" that is not what most North Country people are. A few years back the esteemed magazine "The Atlantic" wrote an article about the Watertown area as being one of the most politically tolerant in the Nation but that Changed with the coming of Trumpism. It changed Stefanik as well. She should be ashamed of what she has become.


Since I used it in another comment.

Times Union Capitol reporter Josh Solomon noticed that a bag Kathy Hochul was carrying on Wednesday carried the following message: "Kindness is cool. Intelligence is irresistible. Integrity is everything." Chris Churchill

Stefanik could win northern NY without being a demagogue. I don’t understand why that’s her go-to political position. She could at least try to appeal to those outside her base. All I can think is she’s afraid of being primaried. I wouldn’t think she faces a danger there either.

Since Cuomo is gone, what now? I suppose she can continue braying for his arrest. If she hasn’t started calling Hochul a socialist yet, I’m sure she soon will. She’s going to have a real sad to be on the same ballot as a woman who extols kindness, intelligence and integrity. That’s everything Elise is against.


We must be responsible citizens for our Democracy and take constructive action in support of our democracy. We must educate our selves and support our democracy in every way. Talk with our fellow citizens about important issues, not just the weather. Take stands. Put signs on your lawns that support your studied positions. Support good leadership. Write letters to local, State, and Federal leaders regarding your concerns. Do your homework first. Just the lazy say it does not work. Try it. Be a responsible citizens of and for our Democracy. Get involved. It does work. Positive results do come from peaceful actions for our Democracy. I have experienced positive results many, many times in my lifetime. It does not always happen, but when it does it is well worth it to help ensure good government for the people..

Pat Luppens

Rep. Stefanik is a politician. The rules are: 1 get elected 2: get reelected. Nothing else counts. She has to makes the noises she makes to keep the campaign funds rolling in from Republican machine.


The headline assigned to your letter should read Stefanik Represents Stefanik. We're merely pawns in her endgame.

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