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U.S. Rep. Elise Stefanik has yet again crushed expectations!

Not only is Elise taking our governor to task and continuing her record of bipartisanship, she has now been recognized as a top lawmaker.

In fact, Elise was just named as one of the top lawmakers in Congress.

Let me be precise so people do not immediately strike down my statement with emotional rhetoric and name-calling.

According to the Center for Effective Lawmaking, Elise Stefanik last month was named the No. 1 most effective Republican lawmaker on commerce while also ranking as the 10th most effective Republican lawmaker overall.

Mind you, this is no easy feat.

Over her time in Congress, Elise has proven she can talk the talk and walk the walk.

On behalf of the north country, great work, Elise.

Keep it up!

The bottom line is that Elise Stefanik is a top policymaker, whether you like it or not.

Nothing can change the 188,000 people who voted for her and the work she has done and continues to do!

If only every representative in Congress had the skills and ability of Rep. Stefanik.

Donald Gruneisen


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(8) comments


Hey Don, “ Top law makers” don’t plagiarize legislation then take credit for the work of others.


The ignorance of the electorate in NY CD 21 never ceases to amaze me...and Don here is no exception...and how any organization can name Elise Stefanik, a number one law maker is just beyond me...Let’s look at the actual facts here. Rep. Elise Stefanik, has been in office for six + years and in that time she has authored exactly two pieces of legislation that have been enacted into law...TWO, ONLY TWO. Those two laws...she named a post office in Plattsburgh and she had a commemorative coin commissioned...WOW, what ground breaking, transformative legislation 🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️.

She did have her name on the Military Family Stability Act, but I’m not counting that because it turned out she was called out for plagiarizing that bill, by this very News paper ( Thank You Jerry Moore), and like so many times in the past, got caught taking the credit for the work of sorry Don, but just no....

Bill Forbes

If you count the number of laws or bills she has proposed ok maybe that's so but some of the stuff she proposes is vapid posturing culture-war dreck. I'd like to see the full list and I will reserve judgement but since I moved to #NY21 I know that she proposed a bill to deny the inmates at Guantanamo getting the COVID vaccine. FYI there are 40 inmates at Guantanamo and 200 million vaccines have been distributed to American citizens. This is not what I call an effective bill. It accomplishes less than nothing but it (supposedly) burnishes her credentials as being staunchly anti-terrorist.

Kind of ironic in that she is one of the most vocal and visible proponents for terrorist leader Donald J Trump and promoted the Big Lie that brought down the capitol - even going to far as to promote it AFTER the capitol was ransacked. This is embarrassing and disgraceful. There are 8 Republican House members from NY yet somehow Elise Stefanik is the only one who opposed the certification of the election for Joe Biden. I listened on her last call and she is still backing the idea that the election was a fraud. She claims to be against Federal interference in elections except when it suited her to boost the fortunes of terrorist leader Donald J Trump she had no problem objecting to the certification of 6 states in our union, none of which were NY, all of which were decided in favor of Joe Biden for president. I don't care how "effective" some study claims she is, she is a cancer on our democracy and she is a liar. She went to Harvard. She knows what's up. Her cynical exploitation of the ignorance of her constituents is just a power play for herself and not for the North Country. She makes us look like fools.

There are many honorable and honest Republicans in #NY21. Let's hope for one to step forward and challenge Elise Stefanik in 2022. She is a stain on our great region.


This letter is satire, right??


Correction" Bill Owens


Hogwash. Your accounting for her traitor actions regarding the last election are simply that. Hogwash. She is a traitor to democracy our country. Give me a Dave Martin, Give me a John McHigh. give me a Boll Owens. Take your Elise Stefanik to the pile of bankruptcy for democracy along with Jordon, Cruz, and the rest of her compatriots. Go figure.


She signed onto the Texas lawsuit and sided with rioters on January 6th to disenfranchise PA voters and yet the coup to reinstall Trump as president for life failed. Doesn’t seem effective to me.

I’m going to be interested to go back and look at her defense of Trumpy during the first impeachment as more comes out about what Guiliani is being investigated for. It’s obvious he was injecting Russian disinformation into rightwing media in this country. Was Stefanik complicit in that effort or just oblivious? Either way doesn’t look good for someone on House Intelligence.

Joseph Savoca

Center for Effective Lawmaking

Read their methodology

"Effective" can mean a lot of different things to different people if you don't read where these scores actually come from.

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