Meetings to be held on transitioning library

As anyone who attended one of the town hall meetings recently held by U.S. Rep. Elise Stefanik knows, she consistently refused to answer if she believes our president should solicit election help from a foreign government. This is especially troubling given that, just last June, she openly criticized President Donald Trump’s statement that he would gladly accept help from a foreign government.

True to form, Trump recently asked China to investigate the Bidens as well! Does Rep. Stefanik still “strongly believe” that “if any candidate for public office receives information from a foreign entity, they need to immediately notify law enforcement”?

I also asked her why she hasn’t met with NCPR’s Brian Mann or any local news reporter for an in-depth discussion of the impeachment inquiry. Again, she refused to answer. Instead, she made vague suggestions, without a shred of evidence to back her up, that our Justice Department should investigate Joe Biden for intervening in Ukraine to protect his son, who was once on the board of a Ukrainian gas company. As every prominent fact-checking organization has consistently stated, this is nothing more than a widely discredited, right wing conspiracy theory, and it has absolutely no basis in fact.

Why does Elise Stefanik and almost every other Republican politician parrot such an absurd claim? Because they know that President Trump openly solicited election dirt on Joe Biden and in doing so, he violated federal election law and his oath of office. Since they fear Trump’s wrath for honestly criticizing his corrupt behavior, these politicians pivot to the tactic that Trump has espoused since his first day in office: “If you tell a great lie and repeat it often enough, the people will eventually come to believe it.”

However, the tide seems to be turning. Thanks to courageous journalists (like Jerry Moore and Brian Mann) who are calling out Stefanik — and her ilk — for their evasiveness and unaccountability; thanks to brave whistleblowers, ambassadors and others within the government who refuse to act illegally; and thanks to real political leaders, like Republican Mitt Romney, who openly condemned Trump’s unconstitutional behavior, the American people are slowly waking up to the weaponized falsehoods sent endlessly by this administration and its enablers, like Rep. Stefanik.

The president’s lies, uttered so often that nobody seemed to notice them, are now being regularly challenged. Polls are showing that Americans increasingly support the impeachment inquiry into Trump’s conduct. The truth is exposing the president and his entire White House.

Donald Trump is the modern day Wizard of Oz. But his curtain is opening, and the smoke, mirrors and all the other deceptions are becoming plain for all to see.

Randy LaLonde


Johnson Newspapers 7.1

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Brave whistleblowers Lol. Who hide in basements that no one knows anything about. Yup...that’s about sums it up.


Yes, we really shouldn't know what the government is doing. Excellent Logic. Trump is openly admitting that he did this, Republicans are telling us Trump is a God-King and is immune from prosecution. You know, the same Republicans who cried for eight years that Obama didn't respect the Constitution. You know, the people who were triggered by the Dixie Chicks.


I love this argument. Reminds me of children. Well they did so now we can lol. I want to first say that I don’t know enough nor do any of you about this to form an educated and rational decision. Quid pro quo is quite the discussion these days. I don’t trust trump. I also don’t trust schiff.

Unlike a few on here I have chastised both sides.

Trump on his communications mistakes

Stefanik and trump on health care

I would love to see lots of tax returns.

However a few others on here refuse to put the good of the whole ahead of party. Joe and hunter certainly are worth investigating. Lord knows trump has been investigated for three years. I think we are all tired. I don’t know what the answer is as to who should lead us. All I know is I don’t approve of trump, Warren or Biden. Certainly not Clinton. I am all away.

hermit thrush

Joe and hunter certainly are worth investigating.

this just goes to show the madness of bothsides-ism. there is zero criminal predicate to investigate either of the bidens. unless you count irrational hatred of democrats as a predicate.

Farmer Liz

Airball: "Trump on his communications mistakes" HAHAHA!! If that's what you call lying every time he opens his mouth, you are just like all the other Republicans who see NOTHING WRONG with the President of the United States of America creating falsehoods for his own gain. He will go down in history as the most untruthful president we have ever had, bar none. I can't wait till the next time one of my kids tells me he or she wasn't lying, it was just a "communication mistake." Let's see how that flies.

hermit thrush

few things are funnier than anonymous commenters attacking the bravery of others.

(yes, i'm anonymous too, but i'm not attacking anyone's bravery.)

hermit thrush

i have to add, it is really something to see you practically lusting over the whistleblower being retaliated against. not a great thing for our democracy.

hermit thrush

great, and irrefutable, letter.

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